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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump approval rating at 50%
Tue Apr 03 09:19:00
Those parkland kids really helped to change America.
American Democrat
Tue Apr 03 10:40:44
Then when you average the rest of the poll including the one you are referencing. He sits at 41.8 percent approval and 53.2 percent disapproval.

Keep living the dream.
the wanderer
Tue Apr 03 11:16:01
Fox News props him up... as well as providing him with all his information & his daily agenda
Tue Apr 03 11:16:27
Probably fake news. Trump’s real approval rating can’t be higher than 30%.
Tue Apr 03 11:17:57
If someone would do a proper poll I think it would be around 29-30%.
Tue Apr 03 11:31:50
Lol, it was ”conservative-leaning Rasmussen” who conducted the poll. So yeah, it was probably made to be in favor of Trump.
the wanderer
Tue Apr 03 12:17:14
if you watch Fox News, especially their highest rated stuff (the worst garbage), you'd never see what an immature, ignorant, petty child he really is

and they spent years convincing their audience only they could be trusted even before Trump, so a very insulated bunch of misled fools
large member
Tue Apr 03 13:55:53
He is probably popular due to tariffs for now. Even Patom approves :-).
Tue Apr 03 14:33:30
The man who would never become President by nearly everyone who had a podium republicans and democrats alike. The 2nd is not a pun.
Tue Apr 03 15:38:07
A lot of the conservative websites I spot check every now and then treat Rasmussen as the only poll they trust at this point. This despite the fact that Rasmussen was one of the very few polls to predict Romney winning and was 100% wrong in 2012.

It's also the only poll to show Trump occasionally with a net positive approval rating.
Tue Apr 03 16:03:59
jergul, The Twitterman has shown himself to be a complete utter jackass. I would approve if he removed himself and took his fake Bible thumper with him.
Tentacle Rapist
Tue Apr 03 17:33:12
Well, not the worst approval rating of a sitting POTUS
Tue Apr 03 17:39:05
Clown Approval: 100%
Clown Disapproval: -100%
Clown Net Approval: 200%
Number of Respondents: 1 billion
Margin of Error: None
Poll: Sinclair Broadcast Group
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Apr 03 18:40:11

When are you guys going to start watching the real news?

the wanderer
Tue Apr 03 18:55:44
which show(s) on Fox News do you consider to be real news shows?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Apr 03 18:59:41

A lot of them Martha just went off and Brett is coming on. Bill Hemmer and his partner tomorrow morning.

There are several others.

the wanderer
Tue Apr 03 22:18:50
did any of them find this an unacceptable and childish tweet:

"Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration."

cause it is... as was accusing Obama of crimes... as are most of his tweets

also, what is 'cheatin' referring to?
(& said by the guy with multiple affairs on his wives)
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Apr 03 22:33:35

Which crimes. There were so many.

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Apr 03 22:40:18
There were many allegations but none proven in a court of law.
the wanderer
Tue Apr 03 23:07:05
why is Trump-appointed AG Jeff Sessions (the man who gave Trump conservative credibility on the campaign) not pursuing criminal charges against Obama?

who (outside of Fox News shills) is claiming crimes?

why does no one w/ power take anything Trump says seriously?

recall his claim of millions of fraud voters... (& not "perhaps" they exist, just 'they existed')
"meh, whatever"
~everyone in power

having this childish imbecile as president is a constant disgrace
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Apr 04 06:04:51

Then why don't you shoot yourself?

Wed Apr 04 07:55:04
"why is Trump-appointed AG Jeff Sessions "(the man who gave Trump conservative credibility on the campaign)"

Someone read the Time article I see.

And to answer your question, which was essentially "why is the DC establishment Not going against one of their own"...well duh.
Wed Apr 04 10:52:07
"why is Trump-appointed AG Jeff Sessions (the man who gave Trump conservative credibility on the campaign) not pursuing criminal charges against Obama?"

It's all gaslighting to keep the 35% of Americans enthralled by the conservative media complex confused and supportive. It's like when that far-right loon hired someone off craigslist to try and trick the Washington Post with a fake Roy Moore accusation.

The Washington Post caught it immediately but in conservative media, they still used it as "proof" the "liberal" media was lying about Roy Moore.

Republicans are so fucking stupid nowadays.
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