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Utopia Talk / Politics / Rugian finds new Crush
Wed Apr 04 00:54:49

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Faith Linthicum, the nurse who wrote that Stephon Clark "deserved it," launched a GoFundMe page Saturday, hoping to raise at least $25,000 to help pay for rent, food and other expenses.

cramento activist Christina Arechiga said she doesn't believe that statement after reading Linthicum's comments. The statements so disgusted Arechiga, she said, that she went to Linthicum's Facebook page to determine whether the post was made by a local person.

She discovered that Linthicum was a nurse in labor and delivery at Kaiser's Roseville Medical Center. Two other posts from Linthicum also troubled her.

One stated: "Can we protest the deaths of all the people shot by black people too"? The other read: "He'll (sic) yeah!!! Build that wall Mr. President!! #prototypeshopping."

After seeing Arechiga's March 23 post, Kaiser officials said they would investigate this "serious matter." By Friday, the company told the Sacramento Bee that the nurse was no longer with the organization.


Actually agree that it's bullshit this nurse was fired. Nothing she said was "discriminatory" or "racist" and she said it on her own time too.
Wed Apr 04 01:27:50
"How can we trust our lives, the lives of our black and brown babies to these people?"


Cuckhat's new crush
Thu Apr 05 11:09:10
Cuckhat, get it through your head, your wife is rugian's sidepiece, you arent gonna trick him into dumping her. Just stay in the corner and masturbate.
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