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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump conjures a new immigrant rape cris
Fri Apr 06 22:03:17
President Trump has returned to the controversial — and unproven — claim that arguably launched his 2016 campaign, accusing migrants headed for the United States of epidemic rape and the countries they come from of sending criminals northward.

On Thursday in West Virginia, Trump addressed the so-called migrant “caravan” that he has been tweeting and warning about for days.

“They're not putting their good ones,” Trump said. “And remember my opening remarks at Trump Tower when I opened. Everybody said, 'Oh, he was so tough.' And I used the word 'rape.' And yesterday it came out where, this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. They don't want to mention that.”


Nevermind that this Caravan has lots of women and children fleeing gang violence and have gathered together to prevent themselves from being victims of rape and violence.

I'm sure the knee-jerk retards like Forwyn have already prejudged them after guessing correctly once in the Colts linebacker case.

Their swiss-cheese brains and logic fall hand-in-hand with Trump's racism demagoguery.
the wanderer
Fri Apr 06 23:23:35
the White House convoluted explanation for this one is he wants border security to discourage people from making the trip in which sometimes women are raped (even though he said nothing along those lines)... and they are not explaining how he decided rape was so much more prevalent in this caravan for which there is no indication that it is

the moron liar child says stuff -> the enablers tell us what he 'really' meant

rinse, repeat
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