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Utopia Talk / Politics / No more Churches in Jerusalem
Thu Apr 12 11:18:28
'Greater Jerusalem means no churches and no mosques'


RIP Christianity.
Thu Apr 12 11:26:02
The words of a random Palestinian, uttered with zero evidence of it being true. Quality aj4a thread.
Thu Apr 12 11:44:35
They are not just random Palestinians in that article.


* the secretary-general of the Palestinian Authority's Muslim-Christian Committee

* The chairman of the Jerusalem Endowment

Look, Apartheid Israel prevents Christians from going to Churches:

Last Saturday, a United Nations envoy accused Israel of trying to block him and other diplomats from a pre-Easter "Holy Fire" ritual in the packed Jerusalem church Christians revere as the burial site of Jesus.

Robert Serry, the UN's peace envoy to the Middle East, said in a statement that Israeli security officers had stopped him and a group of Palestinian worshippers and diplomats in a procession near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, "claiming they had orders to that effect".

Last month, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem said church authorities had applied for around 600 permits for Palestinian Christians in Gaza to travel to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter, but none were granted.

Father Ibrahim Shomali, chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, said: "We have to have free access to the Holy Land, free access to our holy places."


"more than 95 percent of Jerusalem had already been "Judaised" by Israel, and that "Greater Jerusalem" would alter the city's identity and importance to Christianians and Muslims."

When Israel is done there will be no place left for Christians and Muslims.
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