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Utopia Talk / Politics / Is It Time o change
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Apr 13 09:10:20

the rules for the UN Security Council to change its rules?

Hundreds of times, perhaps thousands, since the inception of the UNSC Russia has vetoed resolutions while the rest of the world stood by and wrung their hands while needed decisions were sent to 'File T'.

What would be wrong with Letting the Security Council have the ability to override one veto or possibly even two since Communist China stole a seat?

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Apr 13 09:11:48
*-To Change
Fri Apr 13 09:29:05
Hot Rod,

Israel would have a major problem with that. The US veto has spared them from so many resolutions against them in the past.

Incidentally, Russia tends to use their veto so much because when they last failed to exercise it, the West abused a UN mandate to protect Libyan civilians and turned it into a campaign to overthrow the Libyan government. So now they veto everything that could be abused by the West in order to overthrow a major Russian ally. Actions have consequences.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Apr 13 10:11:06

Good point.

I guess I was assuming there would always be more good guys.

Fri Apr 13 10:29:07
"The Russian drafted resolution was also vetoed."

Anarchist Prime
Fri Apr 13 10:30:47
we don't need more good guys.
as along as we have you and seb,the world and UP are safe.
keep up the ggod work.
Anarchist Prime
Fri Apr 13 10:31:02
hot rod
Fri Apr 13 14:36:59
”Israel would have a major problem with that.”

Can’t we just drive them into the sea and let them have a swim?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Apr 13 14:41:42
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