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Utopia Talk / Politics / OT - The Crossing
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Apr 14 21:08:24

ABC's The Crossing has been compared, not unfairly, to Lost — ABC's famed sci-fi, supernatural series that, like The Crossing, starts off with a group of shipwrecked survivors trying to make sense of their new world. But The Crossing is unique in its backstory, which begins with the idea that 400-plus Americans from the future have washed up on the shore of a fishing town in Oregon as refugees from a war 187 years in the future. In Episode 2, it becomes clear that the future is populated with genetically engineered people — Apex — and as sheriff Jude Ellis (Steve Zahn) dukes it out with Department of Homeland Security leader Emma Ren (Sandrine Holt) and bonds with unusually powered refugee Reece (Natalie Martinez) to tease apart this mystery, The Crossing hints at a future that's vastly different from today, yet rooted believable projections of what's to come. The Crossing's central drama — unusually powered refugee Reece (Natalie Martinez) trying to find her daughter Leah (Bailey Skodje), Emma's battling bureaucracy, refugees settling and conspiracies galore — takes place in the present, but in order for that to feel real, creators Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin had to first create their imaginary future.

As they'll explain in their The Crossing podcast, Beattie and Dworkin did more than just imagine the future: they consulted some of the best minds in the business, from tech experts to NASA scientists, futurists and genetic engineers. As it always has been, the sci-fi of the present is the reality of tomorrow, and in amassing firsthand knowledge about what's to come, The Crossing creators pieced together a future where meat from animals isn't a thing and the sun comes out only rarely — and that's just the start. TV Guide caught up with The Crossing's storytellers to hear what they learned and what made its way into the series.


the wanderer
Sat Apr 14 21:49:59
i watched the pilot earlier... too soon to judge... but doubtful it will be as intriguing as Lost
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Apr 15 00:20:12

I liked what I have seen so far.

It reminds me more of that old series where the aliens were living amongst us but they looked like aliens in that one.

They are an athletic bunch, I'll say that for them.

Sun Apr 15 04:05:08
I feel pity for the fools that fell for Lost. They know they are fools that got fooled, but even years later they are keeping up the charade, as to not lose face. Mother fuckers the people with brains saw it 4 episodes in, this show is stupid.
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