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The Children
Sat Apr 28 01:37:53
4 endin the north and south korean war.


and last weekend, it became reality!

r u american bullies gonna claim this as ur achievement too?

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Apr 28 01:57:53
One guy is gonna try.
Sat Apr 28 04:08:10
Quick question for THe Children.

Did you read the article?

If so then your reading comprehension sucks balls.

China isn't mentioned at all.

In all reality the midget of the North has realized if he doesn't do something to improve living conditions in the country he is fucked. So any progress with North Korea ending aggressive behaviors is most directly linked to the midget trying to save his own ass.
The Children
Sat Apr 28 05:11:45
ofc china isnt mentioned at all...

dumb fuck.

it was just china that proposed peace treaty and end of armistice.

guess what happened a month later. Wow r u so fuckin dumb or what.

China proposed peace. China.

What did america do. america holds war drills 4 times a year in Korea, every and that is EVERY fuckin year.

thats what america proposed. war drills. war. WAR NIGGA. WAAAAAARRRR.

thats all ur country knows.
The Children
Sat Apr 28 05:13:52
nigga have u been livin in a cave the last 6 years?


The Children
Sat Apr 28 05:28:04
let me remind u morons how ur prez started this. he was talkin about fire and fury and little midget man.

it wasnt untill china told yall 2 stop throwin oil on the fire, that ur country stopped talkin crap.

and its only now that shit has calmed down, that koreas find peace.

this is happenin coz china made it possible. period.
Sam Adams
Sat Apr 28 20:16:26
Tc=not china
Sun Apr 29 03:50:42
You really do live in a small little fantasy world don't you.
You wanna know what really caused this?

The midget has realized he has a short time span available before his "loyal" subjects figure out there are some great and wonderful things out there in the world. He isn't stupid. He knows if he is to maintain control he has to do something to get sanctions lifted and improve the economy.

China didn't propose shit. They saw the writing on the wall. They saw President Trump and the midget going back and forth ( yeah the name calling on both sides was part of that) and thought we better jump in on this so we don't look completely incompetent.

Quick question for The Children. If you were actually in China would you be able to ride a train or would you be banned because you are a miscreant fuckup and would find yourself on the bad list?
UP Factcheck
Sun Apr 29 07:05:46
Not to defend TC.


Claim: "China isn't mentioned at all."

Fact: China was mentioned 11 times in the article.

The Children
Sun Apr 29 07:25:26
ya g damned idiot, this is all china. what did usa do. fire and fury, rocketman, trash talk, war drills, threats, thats what ur country does best.

china is the one who negioted with north and south behind the scenes and did all the work. china was the one who drilled some sense into north korea. korea visited china first. then china announced denuke and peace between north and south.

nobody believed back then. a month later, now what u fuckin retards. BOOM. Big daddy china has spoken.

this was all china, fool. usa doesnt even have an ambassador in south korea. and when nkorea and usa announced they wuld meet, nobody in the us administration knew about it. trump was informed by china that north korea wanted 2 meet and he accepted, its that simple.

china baby.

The Children
Sun Apr 29 07:29:04
trump and kim jong un was trashtalkin eachpther. and the yankee cowboys didnt know how 2 back off. they begged china 2 intervene. china told both nkorea and usa 2 shut the fuck up.

only then did both usa and nkorea shut up.

nkorea participated in da olympics. nobody in the usa administration knew about it. nobody in the usa administration shook there hands there, they didnt even know they was gonna be seated next 2 eachother, u fuckin idiot!

south korea prez on the other hand was shakin there hands furiously.

this is all china and skorea behind the scenes negiotiatin.
Sun Apr 29 07:48:28
”usa doesnt even have an ambassador in south korea”

You mean in North Korea? Yea, they don’t have an embassy in NK.

I suspect that the hawks in usa will try to sabotage the peace, because if there is peace the usa will have to stop their war games and leave the Korean people alone and go home.

China will be winner. USA won’t tolerate it because they think Asia is theirs.
The Children
Sun Apr 29 07:54:14
i mean skorea.

they literally have nobody of importance in skorea.

just an army guardin the gate.

there ambassador over there quit like over a year ago and up to this day they havent found anyone suitable 4 da job.

The Children
Sun Apr 29 07:55:19
im guessin da threat of war turned off a lot of potential candidates from going there...i mean thats like ground zero when shit hits the can

The Children
Sun Apr 29 08:18:01
"Menendez listed vacancies that remain to be filled, starting with the question, “Where is the nominee for Ambassador to South Korea?”

Trump does not have a handpicked representative in South Korea, which faces nuclear-armed North Korea."

>> boom!

but still tryin 2 take credit 4 north and south korea peace. shameless.
Sun Apr 29 12:30:46

"The midget has realized he has a short time span available before his "loyal" subjects figure out there are some great and wonderful things out there in the world. He isn't stupid. He knows if he is to maintain control he has to do something to get sanctions lifted and improve the economy."

kargen: That's not how things work in totalitarian states. His loyal subjects are loyal out of fear. It doesn't matter how bad conditions get, the people of N.Korea will not revolt.

Regimes like this only run into trouble if they loosen their grip on the people's throats.

Mon Apr 30 00:08:12
murder that is how things work especially in a totalitarian state. The people may not revolt but some general will begin stirring up a bit of discontent and next thing you know we have ourselves a new leader.
As the people see more and more what they are missing out out on they will start thinking hey why can't I get me some of that. The midget then has two options. He can get a tighter grip and become more feared opening the door for some high leveled malcontent to take advantage and oust his ass or he can do a few things to improve the lives of his citizens and spin it to make himself more popular in the eyes of the people.

Both of course come with a risk. If he is to harsh the people will willingly back a power play. If he concedes to much a few people near him may think he is growing weak and pop him no matter what the people think. I'm thinking getting sanctions eased is the best way to go.

Then again Playboy magazine pointed out that the U.S.S.R. and other countries with similar styles of leadership all fell apart within one year of those countries allowing Playboy Magazine Levi jeans and Pepsi to be sold. So maybe he should tell the world to fuck off and remain isolated for as long as he can?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Apr 30 02:54:30

China helped with applying pressure to NK and convinced Kim that PRESIDENT Trump is serious.

That's it.

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