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Utopia Talk / Politics / The two-state solution again
Mon Apr 30 11:24:18
”“With respect to the two-state solution, the parties will ultimately make the decision about what the right resolution is,” he said. “We’re certainly open to a two-party solution as a likely outcome. We certainly believe the Israelis and Palestinians need to have political engagement. We urge the Palestinians to return to that political dialogue.””


”We urge the Palestinians to return to that political dialogue”


It was the Israelis who left the latest negotiations led by John Kerry. Israel left because they would not support a two-state solution. The Israelis left the dialogue, so shouldn’t Pompeo urge the Israelis to return?
Sam Adams
Mon Apr 30 12:00:40
Palestine can have a state whenever they want. But that would require not murdering any more jews.
Mon Apr 30 12:05:57
Israel should just deport all the Palestinians to Syria and be done with it. The West Bank is so hopelessly fragmented that it could never be a viable state, and the Gaza Strip is little bigger than my backyard. Two state solution iis so fucked at this point.
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