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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump draining that swamp...
Wed May 02 11:53:54
By replacing the old swamp dwellers with newer ones.

Scott Pruitt really is a beacon of change that was needed. Facing all the ethical challenges that no one has really endured before. Including his own staff question his standards. But this is Trumpland and Trumpicantards are rejoicing with their new residents in the swamp.

Trumpicantards are also relishing from the notion that Trump is the healthiest, most physically fit president in history. Turns out to be false. But reality is everyone new that it was fake before.

Trumpicantards rejoice as they want to be the purveyors of fake news.
Wed May 02 13:43:01

The nutballs on the right never really had a problem with the swamp. They just want their guys running it.

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