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Utopia Talk / Politics / This will bum you out - OT
Thu May 03 02:21:09

not sure what you can do with a girl like this, she is primed for a horrible life that destroys everything.
Thu May 03 12:47:37
This video is from 1990 and she was 6 y.o then, so she should be a 34 y.o adult today. If she is still alive I wonder what she is doing today. Did she manage to stab her family members? How many else has she killed? Did she marry someone and then cut off his dick while he was sleeping? Does she keep body parts in her freezer? Is she in jail today? Well, there’s so many questions. Maybe it’s possible to google it.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu May 03 14:53:58

Probably working for the DNC.

Fri May 04 16:28:13
My wife and I worked as “house parents” for 18 girls between the ages of 5-15 (and one 21 yr old with schizophrenia and Tourette’s), that video was pretty much every girl there, though they all manifested their psychopathy differently. Most you could trace their issues back to some form of serious trauma...while some just...were. Those were the ones who scared me most. Something about watching a 9 yr old Ukranian serial rapist with no emotion in her eyes hold a knife to her throat while pissing herself and threatening to kill herself/everyone over a choice of movie ...and it was my job to literally stand there and show no reaction. Had a heart for the job, but man - so much trauma at such young ages made them into monsters - you wouldn’t believe what these little girls were capable of. Knowing some of them are/will be out in society is creepy, though most I believe were aided by the program (though they can’t really ever heal).
Fri May 04 16:58:37
Read about these kids too. A lot come from Russia. The destruction of civic society by the Soviets followed by the collapse of the Soviet system means that orphanges are basically maybe one or two people and a shit ton of babies that never get any attention or love during their most important formative years.

They smear shit on the wall and go apeshit crazy with no emotional regulations. The core of their psychopathy is their inability to empathize: literally a generation of Forwyn, Obaminated, and Sam's ...

Well to be fair, these kids have no choice, while cuckservatives are electively selfish and retarded.
Sat May 05 03:58:57
did you watch the video this time?
Sat May 05 04:00:28
also, from my family who does various stuff, she is super private but she has a normal life. never interacted with her personally. i would love to hear her ideas but i get why is she quiet.
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