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Utopia Talk / Politics / 10 jews wounded in London explosion
Thu May 03 04:43:57
Ten hurt in Stamford Hill Jewish festival explosion

Ten people suffered minor injuries when a bonfire exploded at a Jewish festival in London, police say.

Hatzola, a volunteer emergency medical service, said it provided a "mega response team" at the event in Stamford Hill.

Jewish news website The Yeshiva World said a bonfire exploded when it was lit.

The Metropolitan Police said there had been no reports of serious injuries or any criminal allegations.

It is unclear what caused the blast, although there are reports fuel was poured on the fire while others say at least one mobile phone was put into the fire.

The Yeshiva World website reported "shrieks and panic" after the explosion, said to have happened as a bonfire was lit to celebrate the Lag B'Omer Jewish holiday.

Some of the people treated for injuries reportedly suffered burns to their faces

London Fire Brigade said it had responded to several bonfires throughout the night.


Any chance Iran was involved?

Why don't they adopt to British traditions instead, and why are they even allowed to play with fire at public places like this? Innocent people who are just passing by could get hurt and killed.
Sam Adams
Thu May 03 10:51:33
Ban fire!!!! No citizen needs to use fire outside government controlled facilities, right seb?
Thu May 03 11:07:47

I can think of absolutely no quintessentially British tradition that involves standing around a giant bonfire. At night. Bonfire. Night. No. Nothing coming to me at all.


Why are you advocating banning cats?
Thu May 03 11:44:57
There is the burning of witches but I guess that hasn't been done for a while now.
Thu May 03 12:01:11
Part and Parcel of living in a vibrant and diverse city.
Fri May 04 05:12:17

Burning of religious non-conformists. Rings a bell. Bonfire. At night. I'm starting to remember, remember something.
and justice 4 all
Fri May 04 06:17:24
Didn't the Nazis have bonfires at night where they burned books because they didn't like the content?

These Jews seemed to burn mobile phones in their bonfire. Maybe they don't like the content they are reading on Twitter and Facebook?
Sat May 05 11:49:07
its lag b omer. A jewish traditional night of lighting bonfires. Some people go over the top. Every year someone gets injured. When i was a kid 2 young girls got 3rd degree burns when a bonfire went out of control

It happens.
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