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Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri May 04 22:12:34

17-Year-Old American Girl Accepted To 113 Colleges and Universities

May 4, 2018 by

The season for college admissions in the US has begun. Many high school seniors are anxiously waiting to hear whether they have made it to their desired colleges or not. One such girl, J. Harrison, was accepted to as many as 113 colleges, reported the New York Times.

the wanderer
Fri May 04 22:22:48
what kind of psycho would apply to 113 colleges
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri May 04 22:27:16

Someone that wanted to see what would happen I guess,

At least they have a choice anyway.

Sam Adams
Sat May 05 00:39:06
African or asian. Africans have the affirmative action to make college admissions nearly certain for even average intelligence, asians have the psycho parents to force a kid to apply to 100 schools.
Sat May 05 08:15:02

Not a lot of Asians named Harrison.

Sat May 05 08:36:12
She has 4.0 in grades, so I think you can strike AA. She will become a great nurse, which is apparently what she want's to study. That is interesting in light of other debates. She could potentially study anything (and get paid more than a nurse), full scholarship, but she wants to work as a nurse in neonatal care, inspired by the women who cared for her brother.

We can not rule out that the patriarchy is to blame here.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat May 05 09:51:13

I was hoping she would go into politics as a Libertarian or at least a Republican.

Sat May 05 11:08:59
Def asian.
Sat May 05 16:31:47
Well you racist asshole, she happens to be a nigger.
Sat May 05 16:46:41
African female. No way a white boy would get those many acceptances
smart dude
Sat May 05 22:42:36
There's more than 113 mediocre-to-bad universities. Not hard to get accepted into 113. Applying to 113 universities is retarded though. Obviously some attention-seeking idiot.
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