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Utopia Talk / Politics / If the cop is black, he gets charged
Sat May 05 20:22:06
Or maybe blacks are just dumber at committing crimes.


Why are we importing somalis. Their food also sucks.
the wanderer
Sat May 05 21:01:37
justice is damn slow
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat May 05 21:09:43


Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat May 05 21:12:26

"Mohamed Noor is charged with third-degree murder for “perpetrating an eminently dangerous act and evincing depraved mind” and second-degree manslaughter for “culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk,”"

Sounds kind of serious.

Sat May 05 22:56:37
Brailsford and Yanez were charged, too.

In this case, victim is a white woman and we don't have video of "muh reaching" by a sobbing drunk guy, or "muh victim smelled like marijuana so he could be a terrorist" so we'll see if it results in a conviction.
the wanderer
Sun May 06 01:16:18
he killed a woman because he was startled... and wouldn't answer any questions... not sure why he should've continued being paid for all these months

cops should have to answer questions when they kill people on the job
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