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Utopia Talk / Politics / usa will kowtow in the coming trade war
The Children
Sun May 06 13:13:20
we will destroy u like dogs and pigs.
i thought this was 2018...but i guess some people went back in time and thought it was 1818?

u idiots went full retard.

The demands include the following:
• China will cut the $336 billion U.S.-China trade deficit by at least $200 billion by 2020, a 60 percent reduction.
• China will stop subsidizing tech companies.
• China will cease stealing U.S. intellectual property.
• China will cut its tariffs on U.S. goods by 2020.
• China will not retaliate against the United States (including against U.S. farmers).
• The Chinese government will open China to more U.S. investment.


ur farmers will be the first casualties. all soybean sales have been halted and stopped. this is what full retard will get u.

Sun May 06 13:55:49
“The U.S. has gone off the deep end by asking for too much,” said Brian Jackson, China director at Medley Global Advisors LLC, which gives policy guidance to institutional investors. “They’ve asked for $200 billion off the deficit in a very short timeframe. For me that’s a deal-breaker for the Chinese. If you state such an extreme starting position, you know you can’t get somewhere reasonable.”


The Chinese side -- led by Vice Premier Liu He, President Xi Jinping’s top economic adviser -- asked the U.S. to stop its 301 investigation into Chinese intellectual property abuses, drop planned 25 percent extra tariffs on Chinese goods and end discrimination against Chinese companies in national security reviews, according to a separate document also seen by Bloomberg. China also asked the U.S. to open its e-payment market and approve China International Capital Corp.’s application for a financial license.

China also warned that U.S. companies may be excluded from its domestic market, saying any of its moves to reduce investment restrictions may not be applicable to American businesses if the Trump administration doesn’t agree to treat Chinese companies equally, the document said.


China had also drawn hard lines. A senior official, who asked not to be named, said Xi’s government wouldn’t accept U.S. preconditions for negotiations such as abandoning its long-term advanced manufacturing ambitions or narrowing the trade gap by $100 billion.


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