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Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun May 06 18:30:44

who is using their political power to unconstitutionally try to unseat a duly elected President and how they are doing it, tune into FOX News tonight at 9:00 PM Central time.

the wanderer
Sun May 06 20:16:28
recall you also believed Obama was replacing generals as he planned to seize control of the country by force
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun May 06 21:48:26

True and I was wrong but I'm not speaking tonight and those that are, know what they are talking about.

Sun May 06 22:15:14
"recall you also believed Obama was replacing generals as he planned to seize control of the country by force"

The first half of that is true. Second half, much more likely to force an ideological shift within the military than an outright military junta.
Sun May 06 23:44:59
Forwyn is pro guns, as he likes to murder his underage rape victims

First part of it is true. Second half, well, who gives a crap...
Sun May 06 23:46:56
Getting the military to change its culture is like trying to deny Gollum the one ring. They will jump into a volcano first.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon May 07 03:25:42

There is a possibility, a very slim one, that there could be a junta someday.

Perhaps that is the purpose of replacing the generals that think the wrong way. They would be in a position to promote the "right" people.

Just for fun check out the movie 'Seven Days in May' starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Yes, it is fiction, but interesting.

large member
Mon May 07 03:37:32
Or just for fun, check out the Moscow purges.

Random paranoia put into system.

You can kill millions that way.
Mon May 07 08:16:56
Obama did replace the generals in an effort to seize control of the country, he just hasn't launched the coup yey. In his deluded liberal thinking, he believed that after a year or so of whoever replaced him, the people would be clamoring in the streets for the return of the black Messiah, allowing him to appear as the benevolent liberator when he takes back control of the White House with an army at his back.

Unfortunately for him, his Seldon-esque predictions didnt anticipate a Mule figure like Trump, who has completely disrupted Obama's plans by being one of the greatest presidents since George Washington himself. In a little over a year Trump has already created record growth in our economy, established peace with North Korea, defeated ISIS, rebuilt the strength of our armed forces, brought the fake news establishment media to heel, and put more money into millions of Americans' pockets. Against such a popular figure, no coup could possibly succeed.

Which is not to say that Obama and the liberals would still try to seize control of the government if they felt they had a shot. Which is why it's vitally important that patriotic Americans continue to do their part and keep the Democrats as far away from power as possible.

Mon May 07 09:48:36

All of Trump's problems are self-inflicted. You have to be willfully stupid to believe that all these people with ties to Russia ended up in the Trump campaign team and his administration by chance.

He's also brought the Stormy Daniel's trouble on himself because he simply refuses to admit that he screwed a porn star and then paid her to keep quiet about it.
Mon May 07 10:17:56
a foreign intelligence service blackmailing donald with a pee sex tape or something similar is not implausible, after the news of trump paying hush money to the pornstar he banged. At this point it is more implausible to suggest that stormy daniels is the only person out there with something compromising on donald.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon May 07 18:09:29

That junta may be just over the horizon somewhere.

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