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Utopia Talk / Politics / La Suède buys Patriot System
Mon May 07 12:24:42
The Swedish defense minister is in Washington and is gonna sign the deal today or tomorrow.

I don’t know if I like this. I remember that I read something about this earlier that the Patriot was the most expensive alternative and that it was not even the best system. And the worst part is that we will have to buy the missiles from Nazi Israel. Don’t know why but it was something special about those missiles.

Also, if we are worried about Russia and Putin, isn’t it a bad idea to sign a deal with Trump’s America? We might as well sign a deal with Russia, right?

And, who knows if we can trust the USA to deliver. They might pull out of this deal any moment.

Sweden should have sign a deal with France instead. The french are more reliable, and their system is better and cheaper.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. State Department has approved a possible foreign military sale of four Patriot air-and-missile defense systems to Sweden for an estimated total of $3.2 billion.

Sweden chose the Raytheon-manufactured Patriot for its new AMD system over the French consortium Eurosam’s SAMP/T late last year.

The Swedish government announced its decision on Nov. 7, 2017, via its website. Sweden planned to send a letter of request for a letter of offer and acceptance to the U.S. government that would trigger the process, according to the online post.

Sweden anticipated the value of the contract as roughly 10 billion krona (U.S. $1.2 billion). While $3.2 billion is far above that estimate, it’s possible, as negotiations continue, that the price could come down.

Sweden requested four Patriot Configuration 3+ modernized fire units that include four AN/MPQ-65 radars; four control stations; nine antenna masts; 12 M903 launching stations; 100 GEM-T missiles, or Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile Tactical Ballistic Missiles; and 200 Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Missile Segment Enhancement, or MSE, missiles. Lockheed Martin is the missiles supplier.

Raytheon has seen a surge in Patriot sales in Europe, recently minting a deal with Romania to supply them with seven Patriot systems, 56 GEM-T missiles and 168 Patriot MSE missiles. The estimated cost, according to the State Department, is roughly $3.9 billion.

While Sweden is buying less systems, it is buying more firepower to go along with them than Romania.

Poland is also in negotiations to buy Patriot, but it wants a unique configuration of the system as well as offsets, which is slowing the process leading to a final deal.

[Poland has sticker shock over ‘unacceptable’ price tag for Patriot buy]

Raytheon announced in an earnings call last month that it expected a letter of agreement for the Swedish deal in mid-2018 and was also working on another deal with an undisclosed European country.

There are 13 countries that currently operate the Patriot system, with Romania, Sweden and Poland bringing that number up to 16.

Mon May 07 12:30:45
”Lockheed Martin is the missiles supplier”

Hm... maybe they scrapped the Israeli missiles?

Mon May 07 12:31:45
Sweden Wants Lockheed Martin’s Patriot PAC-3 Missile Defense System

Mon May 07 12:33:04
Why are we trusting Swedish terrorist lovers with our military tech?
Mon May 07 12:37:06
Poland has sticker shock over ‘unacceptable’ price tag for Patriot buy

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, when it notified Congress last month of the potential sale, the deal could cost the country $10.5 billion for four systems — that is roughly 37 billion zloties — which already exceeds by 7 billion zloties what Poland has said it would spend on the entire program.


Poland is being scammed!

European countries should buy the Eurosam’s SAMP/T. Much better deal. Better system. Lower cost.
Mon May 07 12:42:23
Can an anti-US nation now bomb Swedish AA sites and be ignored by the rest of the world?
Mon May 07 12:48:16
Can the Patriot stop Russia’s Iskander missiles that they have deployed in Kaliningrad? Doubt it.
Mon May 07 12:51:22
Looks like the Patriot is useless. Poland and Sweden are being scammed!

Poland to Waste Money on Useless Patriot SAM System: No Chance Against Russia’s Iskander

Mon May 07 13:24:30
Im sure we'll get fifty posts from jergul about how Russian xyz missile system beats the pants off of American abc missile system soon enough.
Mon May 07 13:32:07
"subsonic missiles lulz"
large member
Mon May 07 16:02:27
Ballistic missiles are hard to shoot down. Remember that Air Defences are primarily about access denial.

Pat3 serves its purpose if a finite number of iskanders fail to give fixed wing aircraft access to any space that was previously denied.

The Pat3 is fine for what it is.

"rofl@subsonic missiles" Its not rocket science so to speak.
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