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Utopia Talk / Politics / Boris Johnson goes on F&F for Iran deal
Mon May 07 15:38:32
First we had

"Netanyahu went on Fox & Friends to lobby Trump on the Iran deal
By Zack Beauchamp on May 1, 2018 11:50 am"


And now

"Fox & Friends diplomacy: Boris Johnson urges Trump to stay in Iran deal"
Mon 7 May 2018 14.49 EDT


Who would have thought that the most influential news show of 2018 would be Hot Rod's favorite program. Because I didnt.

Anyway, Iran deal deadline approaching fast.
the wanderer
Mon May 07 15:58:09
the best way for Trump to hear you

& pretty sure he trusts words he hears on TV more than in person
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon May 07 18:12:39

The next question is, will John Kerry be prosecuted as he should be?

the wanderer
Mon May 07 20:44:56
obviously anyone seen as opposing Trump's will should be in prison. #maga
Wrath of Orion
Mon May 07 21:06:55
lol, John Kerry broke Retard Rod.
Mon May 07 21:15:31
As a supporter of the Iran deal, private citizens shouldn't be conducting private talks with foreign leaders regarding US diplomacy.

the wanderer
Mon May 07 21:30:44
Trump should be the one in prison if he can't accurately state any issues with the Iran deal without a teleprompter

a completely ignorant child as president is a national security risk
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon May 07 22:03:42


Mon May 07 22:07:48
Ah, this is the best timeline, our GEOTUS is bending people to his will and his consistent success is driving the left insane.

When Mueller has to end his investigation, concluding no wrong doing, the left will collectively snap and end up naked on a street corner in San Diego masturbating furiously.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon May 07 22:18:36

I hope you are right.

I just wonder what they have on the back burner to bring up next.

large member
Tue May 08 00:41:39
A rumour is that Trump will do the ultimate stupid thing:

Break the deal, but remove the 3rd party punishment so that non-US firms can deal with Iran without being sanctioned by the US.

Essentially sanctioning the US.
Tue May 08 01:03:34
Britain has always been there for the US. Going to war for them and doing stupid shit, and shit. Now Britain is pleading to the US on the presidents favorite channel. Will the US say fuck you to Britain?

Well, the world will soon see that the US prefers its Saudi Barbarian and Zionist allies over its civilized allies in Europe, and that Iran if they remains in the deal, is a more honest nation that Trump’s America is.
Tue May 08 01:05:08
How will this help Putin?
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