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Utopia Talk / Politics / Congress trying to extend copyrights
Tue May 08 11:42:53

From the Music Authorization Act bill, passed by the House 415-0 last month:

Ҥ 1401. Unauthorized digital performance of pre-1972 sound recordings
“(a) Unauthorized Acts.—Anyone who, before February 15, 2067, and without the consent of the rights owner, performs publicly, by means of a digital audio transmission, a sound recording fixed on or after January 1, 1923, and before February 15, 1972, shall be subject to the remedies provided in sections 502 through 505 to the same extent as an infringer of copyright."


So copyright will now be up to 144 years if passed. This bill only covers sound recordings, but this does happen to be the 20 year anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Act so I wouldn't be surprised if some shitbag Florida congressman introduces a broader copyright extension soon.

DC sucks a bag of dicks.
Tue May 08 11:44:56
Incidentally, this is why gridlock in DC is a good thing. Whenever there's anything with enough bipartisan support to get passed, we get JASTA, FOSTA and this shit.
Tue May 08 12:07:28
Yeah, the problem clearly isn't lobbying or campaign finance, it's that Congress will just naturally pass laws to categorically fuck everyone over, no matter who resides in the seats!

But yeah, fuck this bill. I say axe any copyright from before 2010 as penalty to the royal dicking we've gotten from the entertainment industry.
Tue May 08 12:11:21

I believe my reference to the Mickey Mouse Act made it clear that I understand exactly where this shit comes from. Good luck getting a ban on lobbying though.
Tue May 08 12:23:43
Right, but suggesting we just coast on laws without ever making changes/updates is ridiculous.
Tue May 08 15:27:37
Ridiculous. Copyright was never intended to give immortal corporations indefinite ownership. Is was for the starving artists to own their work until they died. It's why every high school in America can put on Broadway musicals from the 1950s and 60s now and charge admission. Because shows like Oklahoma, Ragtime and South Pacific have entered the public domain. These greedy fucks want to monopolize culture to the point where it will never be possible for the public to celebrate the great works of our society without paying some fuck who was not even alive when it was made.
Sam Adams
Tue May 08 20:41:13
Retroactively applied of course.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue May 08 22:42:45

I thought it was a little much already.

Wed May 09 03:11:35
The Mickey Mouse bullshit is flagrantly unconstitutional.
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