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Anarchist Prime
Tue May 08 11:47:46
The Navy SEALs Allegedly Left Behind a Man in Afghanistan. Did They Also Try to Block His Medal of Honor?

By Sean D. Naylor On 5/7/18 at 8:00 AM

Tue May 08 11:55:06
When did Newsweek start drawing fucking cartoons for their articles?

Anyway, sounds like a real mess.
Tue May 08 13:55:44
He'll make a good cop someday. "You gotta talk to muh union before you go public"

"A SEAL who took part in the Takur Ghar fight strongly disputed that assessment: “That’s a bunch of BS.” The blame, he says, lies with the Air Force for allowing the controversy to become public without doing “due diligence,” which would have included interviewing him and his fellow SEALs. “The Air Force caused all the problem,” he adds, “by just trying to jam something down everybody’s throat without even talking to us.”
Tue May 08 15:41:46
As if the Air Force gives a shit what the SEALs think. This potential incident is precisely why we cultivate inter service rivalries. It prevents idiots who assume they are gods chosen from avoiding being observed.
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