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Utopia Talk / Politics / Senate GOP to House GOP: You're stupid.
Thu May 17 05:09:12
Apparently these are not your typical Trumpicantards perhaps still Republicans who care about their country and want to protect it.

If you recall that the House GOP came out indicating there wasn't any evidence that Russia interfered with the election to assist Trump and only that the Trump campaign and his rag tag circle didn't participate in any conclusion.

Of course anyone with a brain can tell that the House GOP were full of it as well.

Here comes in the Senate GOP who expressed and acknowledged that of course Russian meddled and interfered in the election and to do what it can to favor Trump as it's candidate. I guess they listened to the US Intel Agencies' reports.

Trumpicantards don't want to hear it though, they love their Comrade Puppet Trump and can't wait to hear the next orders from Putin. Traitors.

Thu May 17 12:00:07

Elements of the GOP should be rounded up and shot. Not that it's surprising that the party that adopted the Confederacy is treasonous. It would be surprising if they weren't.

the wanderer
Thu May 17 12:05:12
Devin Nunes was chair of the House committee so it was worthless from the start
Thu May 17 12:56:13
Anyone with a brain cell knew in early 2016 that Putin preferred pretty much anyone to Hillary.

Entirely different from a charge of collusion.
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