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Utopia Talk / Politics / If they only had a gun
Opulence I has it
Thu May 17 05:34:01
And some type of device on the shooter to always monitor his mental status. We need Tom Cruise.

Five people were found dead in a rural North Texas home Wednesday after police say a man entered the home of his ex-wife, and shot and killed her three children and her boyfriend before killing himself.

Thu May 17 05:37:04
Liberal divorce laws caused this.
Sam Adams
Thu May 17 07:02:59
A school resource officer just shot a school shooter before he did any damage. Not posted by libs. Hmmmm.
Thu May 17 07:47:03

Not much of a school shooter if he didn't school shoot anyone.

Jack Cafferty
Thu May 17 08:01:59
Oh you mean the officer did their job?
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