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Utopia Talk / Politics / China is superior country
Thu May 17 13:09:59
BEIJING (Reuters) - High school students in one Chinese school may want to think twice before dozing off in class. Artificially intelligent cameras with facial recognition tools will be watching.

The Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School has installed a “smart classroom behavior management system”, which captures students’ expressions and movements, analyzing them with big data to make sure they’re paying attention, media reported on Thursday.

The “Big Brother” strategy underscores how AI and facial recognition tools are increasingly being used in China for a host of tasks, from verifying payments and catching criminals to checking the audience at big entertainment events and customers at fast-food joints.

The ubiquitous cameras - part of daily life in most big Chinese cities - are part of an array of surveillance technologies that have raised worries about privacy.

“The system only collects students’ facial expressions and behavior information,” the school’s vice principal, Zhang Guanqun, told news outlet the Paper.

“It can improve interactions between the teachers and students.”

The system will be able to tell if students are reading or listening - or napping at their desks. It can detect expressions like happiness, repulsion, fear, anger and befuddlement.

Students will get a real-time attentiveness score, which will be shown to their teacher on a screen, media said.


Soon, China will have better and smarter students than America, because the Chinese will be more alert and attentive.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu May 17 14:50:07

"The “Big Brother” strategy underscores how AI and facial recognition tools are increasingly being used in China for a host of tasks..."

Wait till China takes over the world. You will have one of those cameras ib your bedroom.

large member
Thu May 17 15:47:12
Why can't you take that to heart?

You sort of have to embrace social-democratic values to keep the communist menace at bay.

This is the great mistake that began with Reagan and Thatcher.

China is a reasonable nation that respects international order based on the sanctity of recognized nation-states.

It will reach peak population within the decade and individual self-determinatiton (if not democracy) will continue to gain traction as human value is enhanced by Smith's invisible hand.

Be normal if you want to compete. We find American first policies exactly as attractive as China first policies.

Which is not very much.

Future historians will damn your pov.
Thu May 17 16:21:51
What if you wear sunglasses and a baseball cap. Will the AI/camera be able to recognize you and determine what you are up to?
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