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Utopia Talk / Politics / OT -Muh gubmints protects us - muh drugs
Wed May 30 18:45:13
74-year old grandpa is sitting in an Italian hospital after snapping his femur on their third-world streets.

Trying to get his meds to him and we're informed that even with complete prescription information, including unit and total price, even if we secure transfer through grandma (instead of just getting it to her hotel, which is far more convenient), it's unlikely to clear Italian customs.

But we can roll the dice, spending $300 bucks to get it there, and if it's refused, spend extra to have it back a week or more after their return.

Fuck the nanny state.
Wed May 30 19:33:43
Not really the Nanny state. Italian government is notoriously corrupt and inefficient just like their private economy is notoriously corrupt and inefficient (10% of the economy is run by the Mafia).

Institutions require time, energy, and honesty to build whether they are private or public.

But "muh nanny state" is easier to scream.
Wrath of Orion
Wed May 30 19:59:54
Grandpa should be more careful on the street.
large member
Wed May 30 20:26:38
Just have him go to an Italian doctor and tell her the medicines she should proscribe.

Funny it was not sorted at the hospital.
Wed May 30 20:30:38

I fucking hate you.
Wed May 30 20:32:04
In any case, this thread is all the proof I need to convert to hardcore anarchism. Thanks Forwyn.

(hope you get things worked out)
large member
Wed May 30 20:38:45
It's an art:)
Wed May 30 21:16:11
Yeah, this is less nanny state and more Italian incompetence. They are infamous for institutional nonsense. Stereotypes exist for a reason.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed May 30 22:03:33

Sounds like the best bet is get is to the State Dept. and have them take it in a diplomatic pouch.

Not sure they would do that but I can't think of anything else.

Thu May 31 03:10:10

Why not just get it from a hospital/pharmacy in italy?

I assume Grandpa has travel insurance? Call insurance co. Normally they can sort something out?

As for drugs/customs - yes, thanks to the flood of fake or non-duty paid medicine, plus leakage of drugs licensed at different prices across borders (the latter being something the US has strongly pushed trade partners to implement), drugs get caught at customs.

Thu May 31 03:10:44
Hot Rod:

How about "talk to a doctor in italy"?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu May 31 08:25:12

I assumed they already had.

large member
Thu May 31 09:05:38
If they had informed an italian doctor of prescription drug troubles, then they would have been given a prescription for those drugs.

I think this is a case of Americans superimposing their medical system issues onto a foreign country.

In Italy

1. Go to a doctor
2. Get a prescription
large member
Thu May 31 09:05:55
4 Profit!
Thu May 31 17:47:36
That's kinda what I thought too.

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