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Utopia Talk / Politics / the true masterrace
The Children
Sun Jun 03 00:25:45
suck it up xbots and pcfaggots.



WOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! we only do everything. best storiez, best gameplayz, best graphicz, best shiniez and best musiz bitches.

Sun Jun 03 00:26:31
Shit game. Who cares if it looks pretty?
The Children
Sun Jun 03 00:28:49
ur whole shitbox collection is whats shit. utter garbage and trash kid. u givin that shit 2 a homeless guy and even he wuldnt accept it. thats how shit shitbox games are.

Sun Jun 03 01:49:44
Do you get tired of being wrong? I got a ps4. Detroit is a shit game and not worth a thread.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jun 03 03:29:41

I only have one eye to use but it looks the same to me.

Sun Jun 03 03:40:36
So basically you are all fucking giddy because the latest PS4 is better than the previous version. Of course that doesn't matter to you because you are still stuck watching streams of others playing the games on whatever bottom feeding piece of shit it is you watch them on.
Tentacle Rapist
Sun Jun 03 15:53:08
Actually, the real master race are the midgets. They are sacred to FSM
The Children
Mon Jun 04 12:11:38
ps4 the superior race proven every fuckin month since 2012.

go fuck urselves xbots. what have u been playin since 2012? sea of fuckin pirates?

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