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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump worse leaker in history?
Sun Jun 03 02:45:55
Trump Leaking Confidential Data Isn't a ‘So What?’


Anyone with inside information on the results -- did the economy add or lose jobs? -- could easily profit off it.

That’s why the BLS draws a tight circle around those eligible to get jobs data before it is released to the public. The president of the United States is one of them, usually during the prior afternoon or evening. Everyone with advance access to the data at the BLS and the White House have to swear not to say anything about it until they're released. Leakers face the possibilities of fines and jail if they do otherwise.


The impact on the markets was immediate: Yields on U.S. debt ticked higher as traders suddenly anticipated a positive jobs report -- an unusual moment, as my Bloomberg News colleague Lisa Abramowicz noticed:


Someone could have made a killing in the market from Trump’s leak. Most likely, we’ll never know.

Hence, the objections to Trump’s tweet mostly focused on the market-moving aspects of Trump’s premature tweet. I share those concerns.

But these rules were not put in place primarily to protect the integrity of financial markets, but to protect the integrity of government statistical data from misuse and abuse by politicians.

These rules aren’t there to protect Wall Street traders who don’t follow Trump on Twitter, but to protect our democracy from the manipulations of politicians.


So, if leakers face the possibilities of fines and jail why haven’t Trump been arrested and jailed yet?
Average Ameriacn
Sun Jun 03 02:53:48
If the President says something then it's not a leak but an official statement.
Sun Jun 03 03:06:10
He is not allowed to make any comments on it:

Importantly, no political official is allowed to comment on the data publicly until they have been in the public domain for at least one hour. With a few exceptions, no administration official has violated this rule. Until Trump did it a year ago, and then again today more flagrantly.


Lock him up.
Mon Jun 04 12:49:09

The President can declassify anything he wants. Sure it's a clusterfuck, but he can do it.

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