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Memory Lane
Sun Jun 03 07:14:57
Hi there. I am the poster Memory Lane. You may have seen me around here on the forums for the past many years. Posting memories of various ridiculous claims made by a variety of posters. Or bring up past instances that all made up laugh, cry, cringe, and surprised us.

Today I am bring you a new series. A series I like to call "Fond Memories of Hot Rod." Why will there be a series? He will die soon and I think this is the best way to honor, cherish, and memorialize Hot Rod.

Now sit back and relax, here is the first of the series.


Donald Trump is now president. There have been posts by many posters talking about the "sinking ship" from Trump associates quitting, being fired, distancing themselves, or now charged with crimes and admitting guilt. I remember this fond memory of Hot Rod, and we all know with my drinking habits, it causes me to remember and know things.

Episode 1:

"Another Obama desertion." -Hot Rod


I drink and remember things.
Sun Jun 03 13:50:08
Going after HR yet again, pretty toothless stuff.
Sun Jun 03 20:04:28
duuuuurr but, duuur what about me and duuuur cuckhat, I go after duuur him any time I can duuuur, hope no one duuur talks about their duuur jobs, ill get duuur triggered duuuuuurrr
Mon Jun 04 01:13:52
im sorry i hurt your feelings.
Mon Jun 04 05:14:27
duuuur I project duuuur because duuur I am the one duuuuur that duuuur complains duuuur all the time about duuuuur things that duuur bother me. duuur cuckhat, duuur people being successful and having jobs, duuuur, abortions duuuur, and trump, duuuurr
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