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Utopia Talk / Politics / People are fucked False rape edition
Mon Jun 04 01:34:36
Trial starting in false-rape case involving football players

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A young woman accused of making up rape allegations against two college football players to gain the sympathy of another student she wanted to date is going on trial this week, and claims that she was pressured into confessing are expected to play a key role.

Jury selection in the case of Nikki Yovino, 19, of South Setauket, New York, is to begin Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court in Connecticut, and testimony is expected to start June 18. Prosecutors and defense lawyers will be in court Monday to argue over whether some evidence and testimony should be excluded from the trial.

Yovino was a student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield when police say she reported being raped by two Sacred Heart football players at an off-campus party in Bridgeport in October 2016.

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Authorities say she later admitted that she had consensual sex with the players and told them her motive. She was charged with evidence tampering, a felony, and falsely reporting an incident, a misdemeanor. The evidence tampering charge carries as many as five years in prison.

Yovino's lawyers, however, say police pressured her into making a false confession. Prosecutors declined to comment, citing policy involving pending cases.

Ryan O'Neill, the woman's attorney, said she told police the football players had sex with her against her will but never used the terms rape or sexual assault. O'Neill said a police detective, during a second interview, pressured her into confessing that she had made up rape allegations.

Yovino answered only yes or no during the recorded interview as Detective Walberto Cotto asked her if she had lied, and she never actually said what police reported, O'Neill said.

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"You see her admitting to things that didn't happen," O'Neill said, referring to the recording. "Detective Cotto lied to her, put words in her mouth. Detective Cotto invents evidence that doesn't exist and continues to advance a narrative that's not true. She said what he wanted to hear. The bottom line is we know it didn't happen."

Cotto defended the confession during testimony in May.

Yovino withdrew from Sacred Heart. The football players were never criminally charged, but both withdrew from the school as they faced possible disciplinary action based. One player lost a football scholarship, his lawyer said.

The football players' names have not been released by police but are expected to be disclosed when they testify at the trial, their lawyer said.

"Her actions have seriously affected them," attorney Frank Riccio II said. "They're no longer in school. The loss of their education and the college experience has certainly affected them greatly. And this is all because of a very serious lie."

The players will decide whether to sue Yovino after her trial, Riccio said.

The interesting thing here, to me, was her reason for yelling rape, so that another guy would pity ”love” her. I am sure she will grow up (continue) to be an unhappy pill popping cunt, who will make the life of everyone around her miserable.
Mon Jun 04 07:17:27
So, what's going on this article?

Is the accusation here that det cotto pressured her into reporting rape, or pressured her into stating rapes didn't occur and that she made it up? And if the latter, does that mean she maintains rape did occur or is she maintaining she never said it was rape in the first place?

This kind of article is a really good example of why sub judice rules are important.

Nim already knows whose guilty because the paper has told him. Even though the trial hasn't started!
Mon Jun 04 07:21:41
Imagine if you were the defendant, you were innocent and this article was based on info leaked premptively by the prosecution, police or football team (who all have an interest in conviction), and Nim was your juror.

N.b. I'm not saying this is the case, but it would certainly be a possible scenario in a hypothetical case. and

Would you be comfortable that Nim was coming to a conclusion based solely on the evidence heard in court?

Would you be certain that Nim could even claim that of himself, given all the evidence of how poor individuals are at assessing honestly their own confirmation bias?

Mon Jun 04 07:24:48
"she maintaining she never said it was rape in the first place?"

This seems to be the claim. She's claiming that she reported sex against her will, but somehow not rape. Cause sex against your will and rape are different and one totally isn't the definition of the other.

Sounds like a shitty public defense attorney and a pushy policeman.
large member
Mon Jun 04 07:31:01
Well, first off - lots of odd things happen in the US criminal justice system. It is huge, so you get all kinds of outlier results.

Secondly, it does show that the system works in sense that consent claims are tested and the truth will out eventually.

The fundamental problem here is extra-legal reactions. If the criminal system is assumed to be broken, then other penalties occur.

In this case, the young men withdrew from college to avoid being kicked out in a disciplinary action that by all accounts would have been unwarranted.

The fix here is actually to get the criminal-justice system working in a way that defers extra-judicial reactions until sentencing is done.
Mon Jun 04 07:37:41
Were the rapist immigrants or born Americans?

”She's claiming that she reported sex against her will, but somehow not rape.”

So maybe she didn’t want to have sex at first, but then when they penetrated her she could not tell them to stop?
Mon Jun 04 07:43:31
I know it's generally not appropriate to make fun of the disabled, but shut up, mountme. You're retarded and abled people are talking.
Mon Jun 04 09:13:45
I take the article at face value. My only comment was regarding her pitiful reasoning. It reminds of that old psycopath ”test/riddle”, of the person who murdered people so they could meet that person they fell in love with at a previous funeral.

I did not expect seb to rush in so soon to save the damsel. Hilarious :)
Mon Jun 04 09:18:37
Mon Jun 04 11:09:11

If that is the case "I said it was non consensual sex but not rape" I think potentially she's on thin ice.

Provided the events she recounted to the police meet the definition for rape, it doesn't matter what word she uses, and the police or prosecutor were right to bring charges.

And if she admits, or it is proven, that those accounts were not factual and intentionally so then again, it doesn't matter she didn't use the word rape.

But I still think this article is ambiguous.

Gosh, weren't you very angry at me for taking the article about Aziz answer at face value?

Also, where have I "rescued the damsel"?

Learn to read.
Mon Jun 04 12:33:21
"But I still think this article is ambiguous."

For sure. Pretty poorly written article from what I've seen.
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