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Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jun 09 04:18:26

Intelligence Committee Indicated.

This is a real big shot. Sorry, I'm trying to express the importance of this but I just cannot think of the right words.

James A. Wolfe, former Senate Intel panel security director, indicted for allegedly lying to FBI

By Edmund DeMarche, John Roberts | Fox News

A former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee -- who was in charge of maintaining all classified information from the Executive Office to the panel -- was indicted for allegedly giving false statements to FBI agents looking into possible leaks to reporters, the Justice Department announced Thursday night.

James A. Wolfe, 58, served as the panel's security director for 29 years, according to the feds.

Wolfe lied to the FBI in December 2017 about contacts he had with three reporters, the indictment read. He also allegedly lied about giving two reporters non-public information about committee matters.

Earlier Thursday, the New York Times revealed that federal investigators had seized years' worth of email and phone records relating to one of its reporters, Ali Watkins. She previously had a three-year romantic relationship with Wolfe, the Times reported, adding that the records covered a period of time before she joined the paper.


Wolfe allegedly admitted to FBI agents in 2017 that he lied about his relationship with a reporter identified in court papers as "REPORTER #2." He admitted the relationship after he was shown photos of the two of them together, according to the indictment.

Wolfe was allegedly in contact with "REPORTER #2" and they exchanged tens of thousands of electronic communications and often daily phone calls. He would also meet at the reporter’s apartment, court papers alleged.

Wolfe had extensive contact with reporters about "MALE-1," who was reportedly identified as Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser.

Wolfe received classified information about "MALE-1" on the same day he exchanged 82 text messages with "REPORTER #2," according to the indictment. A few weeks later, "REPORTER #2" published an online article that revealed the identity of "MALE-1."

On April 3, 2017, Watkins’ byline appeared on a BuzzFeed article that revealed that Page had met with a Russian intelligence operative in 2013.

Wolfe allegedly called "REPORTER #2" nearly a half-hour after the story went live and had a phone conversation for about seven minutes.

In December 2017, Wolfe allegedly messaged "REPORTER #2."

“I’ve watched your career take off even before you ever had a career in journalism. ... I always tried to give you as much Information (sic) that I could and to do the right thing with it so you could get that scoop before anyone else. ... I always enjoyed the way that you would pursue a story,like nobody else was doing in my hal1way (sic). I felt like I was part of your excitement and was always very supportive of your career and the tenacity that you exhibited to chase down a good story," the message read, according to the indictment.

Watkins worked previously for BuzzFeed, Politico and McClatchy.

The Wall Street Journal, citing an unnamed source, reported that Watkins disclosed the relationship when she joined The Times.

Mark MacDougall, Watkins’ attorney, said: "It's always disconcerting when a journalist's telephone records are obtained by the Justice Department — through a grand jury subpoena or other legal process. Whether it was really necessary here will depend on the nature of the investigation and the scope of any charges."

Wolfe maintained that he did not share any classified information or news leads, according to the indictment. He is not charged with disclosing classified information.

Wolfe used several means to contact reporters, including Signal and WhatsApp, according to court papers. He also met “clandestinely in person,” in secluded areas of the Hart Senate Office Building, the indictment charged.

Wolfe is expected to make his first court appearance Friday. It wasn't immediately clear if he had a lawyer. Each false statement count is punishable by up to five years in prison, though if convicted, Wolfe would almost certainly face only a fraction of that time.

Fox News' Chad Pergram, Mike Arroyo, Mike Emanuel and the Associated Press contributed to this report.


Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jun 09 11:49:11

The article should speak for itself.

Sat Jun 09 12:34:32
The liberal media doesnt wanna talk about this.
Sat Jun 09 12:52:48
duuuur only been duuur blasted on cnn duuur since it came out duuuur.
Sat Jun 09 12:55:11
tw should be in any moment to tell us why this is a non-issue
American Democrat
Sat Jun 09 13:03:08
How exactly is it an issue?

It does not impact the integrity of the investigation. It does not impact nor retract about the facts that Carter Page was associated with Russia.

The issue mainly is that he leaked information that is considered classified and lied about it.

Are you able to articulate that this makes the information that is factually known any less credible?
Memory Lane
Sat Jun 09 13:17:48
I remember when leaks of all sorts happened during Obama's presidency and some posts, a few which are in this thread praised and defended such occurrences. All different now.

I drink and remember things.
Sat Jun 09 13:29:24
"The issue mainly is that he leaked information that is considered classified and lied about it."

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jun 09 13:46:57

The issue is his rank, Security Director for The Senate Intelligence Committee. That is a sensitive post that gave him access to most, if not all, of our most secret intelligence information and how we obtained it.

That plus he held that position for decades.

Why did he suddenly decide to take the chance, which blew up in his face, to throw away his good name and his integrity to do this?

Sat Jun 09 14:23:35
"Why did he suddenly decide to take the chance, which blew up in his face, to throw away his good name and his integrity to do this?"

Occam's razor: there was finally something worth leaking.
the wanderer
Sat Jun 09 14:27:28
is this supposed to be pro-Trump somehow? not sure why i'm expected to have a slanted view on this
the wanderer
Sat Jun 09 14:35:58
"Why did he suddenly decide to take the chance..."

sounds like he was banging the reporter
Sat Jun 09 15:21:55
Same thing as Petraeus banging the chick who wrote a book about him. Not really a partisan issue.

Sun Jun 10 10:27:25
So...a person got caught leaking allegedly classified information.

Weren't some of you the same assholes that had a fit when Obama was president. And how journalists shouldn't be targeted because they were only revealing information about the government because of "transparency." But in this situation, its a fucking issue?

The hypocrisy here knows no bounds.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jun 10 11:33:52

Obama went after the reporter and the reporter's family.

This is the leaker that is violating a trust given by the government.

Cold Rod
Sun Jun 10 11:42:12
Hot Rod is incredibly dumb.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jun 10 11:49:52

Everytime cr calls me dumb, I know that I am right.

Cold Rod
Sun Jun 10 11:51:32
Except you're not. I think it has been pointed out as to why you are wrong on this issue. Other than posting an article that shows an event has occurred.

Other than that you have expressed opinions while at the same time demonstrating your hypocrisy and of course being called out on it.

Just accept that fact that this is another opportunity for those to call out your stupidity and how you should Anthony Boudain yourself.
Sun Jun 10 11:57:50
Regarding this story...I just like how the reporter's 2013 House of Cards tweets completely came back to haunt her.



I wanted to be Zoe Barnes...until episode 4. Sleeping with your source- especially a vindictive congressman? #badlifechoice #HouseofCards
8:57 AM - Apr 2, 2013 · Philadelphia, PA



So on a scale of 1 to ethical, how does everyone feel about pulling a @RealZoeBarnes for story ideas? #TOTALLYKIDDING @HouseofCards
3:36 PM - Jun 20, 2013



As for Wolfe, who of us can honestly fault the guy for wanting to stick his 60 year old dick in 20 year old snatch? Probably could have done better though.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jun 10 12:00:19

Damn man. Where am I wrong. All I'm doing is pointing out that an American in a very sensitive position leaked information to his pillow mate and that he is ruined because of it.

You folks can just call he super right.

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