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Utopia Talk / Politics / BREAKING: UP front page is a publisher
Wed Jun 13 11:48:24
-It contains numerous headlines (which after all is the only part of an article that people read) from various news sites

-It does not share ad revenue with said news sites (and unlike Google News, Turtle Crawler IS rolling in that sweet ad bling with this place)

-The thread titles do not constitute fair use because they contain, well, any content whatsoever

-As we all know, news headlines fully and accurately convey the same level and quality of information as a full article, so thread titles are basically piracy

-Even in the case of threads where only links are provided, UP is still siphoning off web traffic from news sites, rather than doing them a big favor by encouraging users to head over there (because I know I would TOTALLY frequent trash sites like BBC or The Guardian if Google News and UPers weren't regularly linking to there)


In sum, UP should be declared a publisher and subjected to a blatant IP cash grab, together with any other forums, websites or Twitter users dedicated to any level of news coverage. Thanks Seb for making me see the light on this issue.
Wed Jun 13 12:21:33

large member
Wed Jun 13 12:50:26
Headlines, a short summary, and links all fall under fair usage.

Copy-pasting an entire article would not.

But given the forum base, it is the IT equivalent of photo-copying an obituary to send to your grandma.

Not technically legal (by pending directives), but who gives a crap?
Wed Jun 13 16:47:36

No curation - so would be a distributor. Come on rugian, I explicitly covered that point. Are you thick or something.
Wed Jun 13 16:57:51

"But given the forum base, it is the IT equivalent of photo-copying an obituary to send to your grandma."

It's her own obituary.


Thu Jun 14 05:27:02
"Are you thick or something. "

Are you? *wink, wink, nod, nod*
Turtle Crawler
Mon Jun 18 14:15:30
I HAVE had a few people contact me to have a story removed.

I guess in theory I have no choice now with the euro laws
Mon Jun 18 14:26:43
Curious: what was your response to those requests?
Turtle Crawler
Mon Jun 18 17:39:39
I googled, if the story was retracted and we were the only ones with it left I hid it. If I googled and it was elsewhere, especially the source, I wouldn't touch it.

I don't delete, but move to another board.
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