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Utopia Talk / Politics / men hate anti manspreading signs
Sun Jun 24 19:10:06

Unsurprisingly, Men Think The Anti-Manspreading Subway Ads Are Sexist (Here's The Proof)

Apparently, the MTA has received countless emails from “offended” men concerning its “Courtesy Counts” etiquette campaign: The PSAs feature faceless green and red stick figures and ask commuters to stop manspreading, nail-clipping, and performing gravity-defying dance routines on the subway. You know, stuff no one should do, but men—for whatever reason seem to do a lot—whilst commuting from one stop to the next.

Many dudes profess to finding these ads to be more than a touch sexist. In the complaint emails, some male commuters call the spots “anti-male.” One of the messages simply says, “Drop dead, you morons!” Another asks why “Purse Seating” isn't featured in the campaign. Ugh.

Our thoughts? While the PSAs may be targeting men, they hardly seems like an aggressive attack on male commuters. Manspreading has always been a problem on the subway: Taking up two seats on the train is simply not acceptable, and yet you bet your buns that it's happening on almost every train in existence. No one called the ad featuring women primping their hair sexist, so why are the anti-manspreading ads getting so much hate? Maybe some male commuters are just bitter about being called out. They wouldn't be complaining if they weren't manspreading. Check out the hilarious emails below:
Sun Jun 24 19:16:57
This multi still exists?
Sun Jun 24 21:34:54
And why
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 24 23:17:03
"They wouldn't be complaining if they weren't manspreading."

Solid logic. The "manspreading" version of "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear". The problem might be that "manspreading" is a gendered term, which carries sexism with it, and that term is inferred in the "Dude... Stop the Spread, Please" ad. Which explains why "No one called the ad featuring women primping their hair sexist"; it's because those ads don't have a sexist term associated with their pictures.

But why use logic to address a clickbait article?
Tentacle Rapist
Mon Jul 02 22:30:20
Because Ivanka Trump is Satan's whore?
smart dude
Tue Jul 03 01:30:43
I don't have a problem with anti-manspreading campaigns on public trains.

What bothers me is all the womansplaining about WHY men manspread to begin with. All that armchair psychoanalysis shit, you know?

[obnoxious high-pitched woman voice]
"You see, men manspread because they are evolutionarily programmed to want to flash their gonads to other people in public. It's a display of sexual dominance. I know this, because I majored in feminist studies."
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