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Utopia Talk / Politics / We r SUPERIOR. Difficulty level: CHINA!!
The Children
Tue Jun 26 13:58:45
Bitches, behold our superiority!



dunt try 2 think. ur not paid 2 think. ur paid 2 be a meatshield. just remember theres always a chinaman better than u no matter what u do.

Tue Jun 26 16:41:27
That is cool.

Maybe in 10-15 years he can join a team that will design a super train. A train that costs billions of dollars and never becomes even a prototype.
The Children
Wed Jun 27 13:20:11
nah, he will develop a star destroyer in 10 years time...duuuuhhhh.

only china, bitches. we own u. that is da reality.
anythin u ever try 2 do in real life, there will always be a chinaman that can do better.

Wed Jun 27 16:29:22
okay so a design for a star destroyer with a conceptual video and everything costing three trillion dollars and scrapped as not feasible after the money is gone with not even a prototype being developed.
They might do a scale model depiction though.
the wanderer
Wed Jun 27 16:48:20
it would be designed by a European while the kid polishes the designer's shoes... while juggling them... & also while stealing technological secrets
The Children
Thu Jun 28 11:20:51
when we r that smart, why do we need 2 steal shit from dumber folks like urselves...

lmao did that fact ever cross ur dumb brains lol
Thu Jun 28 16:11:10
So you are saying the Chinese don't need to steal technology from other countries and simply do it for shit and giggles?

They are stealing technological secrets and allocate a fair amount of resources to do so.
The Children
Fri Jun 29 10:05:31
says u, biatch

this wuldnt be the first time ur country was caught in lyin, cheatin and deceit either. remember da babies that they were throwin on da floor in iraqi hospitals...

the wanderer
Fri Jun 29 11:02:11
You still don’t get it, do you? [Stealing] is what he does. That’s all he does! You can’t stop him!

(he = China)

Fri Jun 29 16:10:40
Jianhua “Jeff” Li, a 43-year-old Chinese national who lived in the US on a student visa, pled guilty today to taking part in a counterfeiting operation out of China that involved selling fake iPhones and iPads to customers in the United States. The case, headed up Homeland Security and prosecuted by the Justice Department, has been ongoing since 2015, when Li was charged and taken into custody.

For five years starting in 2009, Li — alongside conspirators Andreina Becerra, Roberto Volpe, Rosario LaMarca — helped smuggle more than 40,000 products and accessories from China into the US, including both iPhones and iPads, alongside packaging, labels, and other documents containing forged Apple logos and trademarks. The operation was large in scale, with Li personally receiving $1.1 million in sales revenues from US customers thinking they were buying legitimate Apple products.


American manufacturers sometimes sell one of their machines to a Chinese company — and then it’s the only one they ever sell. The Chinese copy the new machine they buy.


China buys technologically advanced products from the West, but does not sell that many technologically advanced products to the West. This tells everyone that the West is far advanced over China in most technological areas, as shown in commercial transactions. If the Chinese were advancing on their own, they should have more advanced products to sell in the USA.


China through multiple barriers prohibits product liability suits against Chinese manufacturers. Western legal process cannot be served in China. If a judgment is obtained, it cannot be collected. This keeps the world’s legal systems from questioning Chinese manufacturing, product safety, product quality, patents, ownership and all the other factors that lead to safer products. This secrecy permits much greater theft of intellectual property. It also results in the production of unsafe Chinese products shipped to the West.


We only need to look at the amount of money paid by Chinese companies to Western companies for the license of technology, intellectual property, plans, designs, formulas and so forth. The Chinese do not pay nearly enough money to have obtained their technology honestly.
The Children
Sat Jun 30 02:20:54
hahaha so the dude was shippin in goods and sellin it at a premium illegally?

hahaha why r u talkin like as if he did something very very bad. lmao 9 outta 10 americans wuld kill to have that kinda job hahaha
Sat Jun 30 19:48:22
He was smuggling illegal and counterfeit goods into the country and selling them as if they were the legitimate items. Several crimes being committed there.

That aside China stole the technology so they could create those fakes and still fucked it up so they were pieces of shit.

And now those that were stupid enough to get caught in the USA will be sitting in jail for a good long while.
The Children
Sun Jul 01 08:41:01

u mean an iphone? haha it aint that hard 2 make a phone, they didnt need 2 steal shit.

thats like sayin someone building a pc has stolen the pc tech...like wut

The Children
Sun Jul 01 12:17:46
they build a phone. a superior phone even

the only thing they mimicked was da logo, boy. get it.

owned owned owned!!!
Sun Jul 01 17:29:01
If it isn't that hard to make a phone why did the Chinese fail?

The phones didn't work right and that is why they got caught.

And you do realize there is proprietary software and hardware in both phones and computers?

Or maybe you don't.
Mon Jul 02 09:09:12


Prodigies are uncommon considering world population. All other crap aside the Chinese youngster is amazingly awesome. Is he a millionaire at his age supporting his family? These are individuals that have basically nothing to do with an overall country.

Nibbling and swims away...

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