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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump still duped by NK
Mon Jul 02 05:07:28
North Korea satellite images show missile plant construction, analysts say

You can still here Trumpicantards chant "nobel" but the reality is that Trump and his base of retards were duped. They falsely live in a world where anything Trump says must be true. Despite the ample of evidence against it. Or when the curtain removed there is a dose of reality. And even then Trumpicantards and Trump himself refuse to believe it.

But believe this, Trump got duped, he think he made a difference and his base believed him.

Trumpicantards rejoice!

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Mon Jul 02 08:17:44

I'm sure glad that in your wisdom you were not duped by past presidents who just gave NK money and hoped for the best.

The Sentinel
Mon Jul 02 11:29:35
Hot rod is right. Other presidents didn't acknowledge NK as a legitimate state nor have them credence and suspended training exercises only to rehash vague declarations that didn't result into anything.
Tentacle Rapist
Mon Jul 02 17:53:24
I really hope Kim Jong Un releases a tape of him fucking Ivanka right after the next missile test.

Trump will be pissed that he was cuckolded!!!
Tue Jul 03 05:08:30
Mr. Hot Rod,

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Best Regards,

-UFN Staff
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