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The Children
Fri Jul 06 10:22:11
lmao. i guess u people havent invented the toilet and sewerage yet in san fransico...

wtf people r shittin everywhere.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Jul 06 10:48:50

They wanted to let the illegals in and let them ignore all of the laws.

It is truly sad beyond reason.

I lived there for 14 years and that was before the current problems, it was truly a great city back then.

On the weekends if you got the Sunday paper, it was bigger than most of the big city newspapers.

Fri Jul 06 10:56:07
Homeless people are disgusting. Even bleeding heart liberals should tolerate their streets smelling like shit and loss, day in day out.
Fri Jul 06 11:14:54
What a shithole. Trump's America. LOL
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Jul 06 11:21:03

That shithole is directly owned by the liberal left. They are the ones that wanted open borders and this is the result.

Trump had nothing to do with it.

Fri Jul 06 11:25:56
Trump is an asshole, and now there are feces on the streets. It all happens on his watch. LOL
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Jul 06 12:54:39

Thank you for your total ignorance.

Sam Adams
Fri Jul 06 13:56:42
Homeless should be culled
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