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Utopia Talk / Politics / Supreme Court pick: death to the interne
Tue Jul 10 11:49:31

The only relevant portion:
"The rule transforms the Internet by imposing common-carrier obligations on Internet service providers and thereby prohibiting Internet service providers from exercising editorial control over the content they transmit to consumers," Kavanaugh wrote.

Feel free to read the rest of the article. This quote alone should make anyone under the age of 50 categorically reject this schmuck. Don't care what the rest of his stances are, this one is untenable.
Tue Jul 10 11:58:22
Another juicy bit, which I'm sure rugian will love:

""[t]he Government's collection of telephony metadata from a third party such as a telecommunications service provider is not considered a search under the Fourth Amendment."

Even if this form of surveillance constituted a search, it wouldn't be an "unreasonable" search and therefore it would be legal, Kavanaugh also wrote."
Tue Jul 10 12:07:23
"ISPs have right to exercise "editorial control" over the Internet, judge wrote."

That will just be the start. Soon the White House will have the right to exercise "editorial control" over the press.
American Democrat
Tue Jul 10 13:08:15
"his quote alone should make anyone under the age of 50 categorically reject this schmuck. "

The inherent issue here is the disregard of this one fact. What will be looked at is the bigger picture of the agenda that can be pushed forward.

I also find what Paramount said humorous in regards to 'editorial control' over the press due to those views.

It does invite the subject--is this part of a bigger conspiracy?
Tue Jul 10 13:17:57
They could find another candidate who will push all the same agendas. Go find them, and shitcan this fuck before his awful opinions become supreme Court opinions.
American Democrat
Tue Jul 10 13:22:05
They could find another candidate. But you did pinpoint some findings that may fit what they are looking for. What do you think?

He believes the president is untouchable (unless you were Bill Clinton)

His views on RvW. (Though he has made decisions that supported RvW views)

And of course the finding of what you posted in this OP.

I think the old song by Meatloaf says it best. "2 out of 3 ain't bad."
Tue Jul 10 13:53:58
"but, but, muh abortions!"

The only thing Republicans care about is abortion. Supposed libertarians like Forwyn could care less about personal freedom or access to key technologies as his pathetic recitation of Breitbart talking points against Net Neutrality shows. Just throw some bones about how unfettered access to weapons of mass destruction was the founder's intent of the 2nd amendment and the gamer's gate generation of retards will go along.
Tue Jul 10 14:14:09
Give me a repeal of Wickard v. Filburn before RvW, thank you very much Cuckhat.
Tue Jul 10 16:05:08
I'm guessing the first big issue to hit the Supreme Court once he is in will be the Chevron Doctrine. Getting rid of the Chevron Doctrine has been an issue for President Trump for a very long time. It will start making its way up the courts soon.
Turtle Crawler
Wed Jul 11 10:59:00
It looks like he's a great apply the law as written judge. If you don't like a decision he makes, it's probably because you don't like the law - change that instead!!
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