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Tue Jul 10 12:23:24
Tourist brings unexploded WW2 shell to Vienna airport

An American tourist brought an unexploded World War Two shell to Vienna airport in her luggage, Austrian police said on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old had found the bomb on Sunday while walking in the Dachstein mountains, according to police in Lower Austria state.

She kept the shell in her belongings as a souvenir and declared it to customs officers when she came to the airport on Monday, who immediately rang the police.

A bomb disposal unit was called and in order to safely remove the device, the baggage hall and parts of the arrivals area were closed for around 15 minutes.

There was no danger to passengers and no delays as a result, according to police.

The tourist was charged with public endangerment through negligence and given a four-figure fine.
More than 70 years after World War II and a century after World War I, unexploded bombs still regularly turn up across Austria and Germany, often during construction work.

the wanderer
Tue Jul 10 13:09:31
pretty ballsy to fine a tourist for helping clean up their hazardous country
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Jul 10 15:05:34

She is probably a liberal and didn't know any better.

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