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Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Jul 11 22:30:37

For the last 120 years (prox) the Progressives, starting with the few and growing to a worldwide movement towards an NWO, has been using every trick in the book to bankrupt The United States and turn it into a 2nd rate socialist country.

Those who started the Progressive movement and those who perpetuate it are scared to death of a society of free men and would much prefer a society of feudal serfs.

They are only interested in power and control on a worldwide scale.

Do you really want your grandchildren living under such a system? You better start doing some serious thinking if you don't.

But if you think that is not possible or if you don't care what becomes of your subsequent generations then continue as you are. After all, you will be dead and beyond feelings of guilt.

If I am right, and I am not alone in my convictions, then they might be better off with a nuclear holocaust.

Wed Jul 11 22:53:07
delete this spam
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Jul 12 06:37:21

As I thought.

Cold Rod
Thu Jul 12 06:49:57
It is spam and should be deleted. But everything hot rod posts is spam.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Jul 12 06:52:53

I really thought this would not create an honest debate.

Thu Jul 12 06:58:49
"a worldwide movement towards an NWO"

I'll add this "background music" to the thread:

DISCHARGE - New World Order

FEMA concentration camps waiting for you
It's happening now
New World Order gonna profit from death
Don't want a life under the New World Order
Drones in the sky watching everything you do
It's happening now
Killing off the poor, the disabled and old
It's happening now
Cold Rod
Thu Jul 12 07:01:37
1) There is no honest debate with you. That is an emphatic fact that cannot be challenged by you.

2) Your 'thesis' does not provide any sources, references, or evidence on how the 'progressives' systematically, methodically, over the course of the '120 years' is somehow a conspiracy to move the US into a "2nd rate socialist country.'

3) Again the word "socialist" or "socialism" is being demonized without the full understanding of what it actually means. Especially since the US operates under socialistic principles that the military, the government, and the public benefits from which includes your decrepit ass.

4) Back to 1. There is no honest debate with you. Look at your history here.
Wrath of Orion
Thu Jul 12 08:08:52
lmfao, Retard Rod is a ct nutter.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Jul 12 10:51:37

lmfao, woo is a fart smeller.

Cold Rod
Thu Jul 12 10:53:45
Lol Hot Rod is on the sex offender registry.
Thu Jul 12 11:52:34
This thread....LOL
Sat Jul 14 12:23:10
0 to 100 under 10 posts. Nice.
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