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Utopia Talk / Politics / Daemon, Can You Confirm or Deny This?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Jul 11 22:43:15

I heard some numbers on the news tonight that I need to ask you about if you know.

A gentleman that supposedly knows what he is talking about voiced the numbers. I will try to find his name and position tomorrow.

He claimed the German military has dwindled to about 180,000, they have only about 100 tanks in their armored corp. and what was most shocking only about a half a dozen aircraft.

All of that while signing about $400 Billion in contracts with the Russians.

Is that even close to being accurate?

the wanderer
Thu Jul 12 01:25:38
does it sound true? 6 aircraft?

was this on the quality program Hannity?
Thu Jul 12 01:28:54
Maybe Germany is not allowed to have more than 6 aircrafts and 100 tanks because they killed Jews in the 1940’s?
smart dude
Thu Jul 12 01:31:55
How can Rod be so stupid.
Thu Jul 12 01:42:14
Germany has the fourth largest air force in the EU. According to wiki it has 467 aircrafts.

So if Germany has 6 air planes then most of the rest has only like 1 or 2 aircrafts?

”A gentleman that supposedly knows what he is talking about”

Thu Jul 12 01:43:04
Our 6 planes:

Try to remember when you saw this on TV in which show, then I may find it on youtube or so.
Thu Jul 12 01:59:35
I think Hot Rod's source is talking about the fact that only 4 of your fast jets are currently available for active service.

It's true your armed forces are in a bit of a state.

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