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smart dude
Thu Jul 12 09:02:47
Dude dropped an N-bomb in a conference call, resigns from company he founded.

Whitey should know by now you should never say the n-word. Regardless of context, even if's a quote. Shame, shame.
Thu Jul 12 09:12:14
Somewhere out there, Roger Goodell is present at his godson's baptism.
Thu Jul 12 10:42:21
Is anyone surprised by this though? He definitely has one of those "I seem nice but I'm a creep" vibes in his commercials.
Thu Jul 12 12:51:40
He's been in trouble before for his conservative beliefs. He used his role as head of Papa Johns to talk shit about Obamacare repeating Fox News talking points.

White privilege indeed.
Thu Jul 12 13:12:53
How retarded. People are so retarded.

"Colonel Sanders called blacks "niggers" and never faced any public backlash at KFC."
Thu Jul 12 14:24:59
I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, in context it's clear that he wasn't using it as a slur against anyone and wasn't attempting to be offensive.

On the other hand, what a stupid example to bring up. Colonel Sanders was old enough to remember the annexation of Hawaii, what was kosher in his day isn't remotely applicable today.
Thu Jul 12 15:41:40
Dude should be careful never to ever throw racial slurs around even in a very legalistic way referencing someone else. It ends your career.

Unless you are Donald Trump of course. But the chapter about him in history books will not be kind anyways.
Thu Jul 12 15:57:58
he shuld jsut maek a chikin + watermelon pizza 2 maek da blaks stfu but than they wil nigger up hiz store by eatin in it
Thu Jul 12 16:29:56
"Dude should be careful never to ever throw racial slurs around even in a very legalistic way referencing someone else. It ends your career."

Only against "minorities", of course. Chinks might have the same effect, but cracker, honkie, peckerwood, certainly wouldn't.
Thu Jul 12 16:49:02
To be fair, none of those terms really belong in a corporate setting.

It wouldn't surprise me if this was intentionally leaked by company execs in order to get rid of him though.
Thu Jul 12 20:31:42
Any black or minority person that says these things in a corporate setting would find themselves quickly fired. I know you’re invested in the white victimhood cult that is the modern day GOP but other than the few crumbs whites throw to minorities in terms of things like affirmative action; minorities constantly have to watch what they say ...

You get triggered when someone says you have white privilege. But every single person of color has faced far worse in their lives. Breitbart has made you delusional.
Thu Jul 12 20:41:29
Nah. Depends on context. A couple black coworkers at my office who were cutting shit and said nigga to each other wouldn't get anything more than a slap on the wrist if no one present was offended.

Clearly there's a difference if slurs are directed at someone. It has nothing to do with racial victimhood, Cuckhat. You can stop projecting.
Thu Jul 12 21:00:12
If they were talking to each other on a conference call with a bunch of other people, it'd clearly be a problem.
Thu Jul 12 21:21:43
That face when even fucking Rugian says, "that's not really appropriate for work" and your comeback is b-b-b-b-b-but Colonel Sanders.

Choke on a hairy cock you worthless piece of shit.
Thu Jul 12 22:51:11
"b-b-b-b-b-but Colonel Sanders."


That's literally the line that this OP was based on.
smart dude
Thu Jul 12 23:20:18
I think we can all agree this is not appropriate for work and that the Colonel Sanders reference was retarded. The point is, does it warrant this guy resigning from the company he founded 33 years ago?
Thu Jul 12 23:48:24
Probably not, but "It wouldn't surprise me if this was intentionally leaked by company execs in order to get rid of him though." is probably on point.
Fri Jul 13 07:25:17
He was ousted because they are trying to protect their bottom line. Money talks louder than personal opinions.

I highly doubt that he will be living on the streets in abject poverty.

Fri Jul 13 08:20:06
Yeah, now he gets to make all the money while doing none of the work. Boo hoo.

He and future president Peyton Manning can golf more with each other now.
Thu Jul 19 04:07:08

Papa John's founder John Schnatter says he shouldn't have resigned

Published 3:19 p.m. UTC Jul 18, 2018

Papa John's founder John Schnatter, signaling he's not going away without a fight, now says he made a mistake in resigning as chairman of the pizza empire he created.

In a letter to the company's board Saturday, he also charged that it acted on "rumor and innuendo" in asking him to step down without conducting an investigation of his use of a racial slur during a training session in May.

"I am confident that an examination of the facts will bear out what I have written in this letter and show that once again our company has demonstrated that it does not know how to handle a crisis based on misinformation," Schnatter said in the letter, which was provided to the Courier Journal by a public relations firm he has retained.

“I will not allow either my good name or the good name of the company I founded and love to be unfairly tainted," he said.

In a separate letter, Schnatter's lawyer, Patricia Glaser, advises the board that it would be acting illegally if it tries to remove him as a director and that individual directors would be liable for damages if they do so. Schnatter, who owns about 30 percent of the company, remains on its board.

Glaser, a well-known Los Angeles trial lawyer, has represented several high-profile clients, including celebrity chef Paula Deen, disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein and the Guess jeans board of directors against its company co-founder Paul Marciano. The jeans mogul, like Weinstein, recently was the target of sexual misconduct allegations.

Schnatter's letter provides additional details on both the diversity training session and his claim that the marketing and advertising company that conducted it tried to extort $6 million in exchange for remaining silent on his use of the N-word during the session.

Schnatter said the May 22 "diversity media training" was conducted after testing showed that his return to doing the company's advertising would be successful. At the suggestion of Laundry Service, Papa John's Brooklyn-based marketing and sales agency, Schnatter said he agreed to participate, in part to prepare for his appearance at a National Hot Rod Association event set for May 26 in Chicago.

"I was asked whether I was racist. I, of course, said no," Schnatter said in the letter.

"I was asked if I was not racist, then why did I say what I did about the NFL situation?" Schnatter said. "I said if you look at what I said, it was in no way racist."

"The fact is, we completely mishandled the NFL situation from a public relations standpoint — both the Board of Directors and company leadership," Schnatter said.

"I then said something on the order of, Colonel Sanders used the word' 'N,' (I actually used the word,) that I would never use that word and Papa John’s doesn’t use that word," Schnatter's letter says.

"Let me be very clear: I never used the 'N' word in that meeting as a racial epithet, nor would I ever," he said.

Schnatter said the next day, Papa John's — "not me" — decided to fire Laundry Service, effective July 2. He said the company owed the agency about $1.3 million, and Papa John's agreed to pay it.

"But they said they wanted $6 million because they claimed some of their people had been offended by what I said," Schnatter said. "Moreover, one of their attorneys said they would conduct a smear campaign against the company and me unless we paid them what he was asking for."

Schnatter said that "unfortunately, the company gave in to this extortion attempt and offered them $2.5 million, or roughly $1.2 million more than they were owed.

Adweek.com reported that Laundry Service Tuesday circulated an unsigned email to employees saying Schnatter's allegations are "completely false" but ordering employees not to talk to news outlets.

Calls to Laundry Service were not returned. Its parent company, the Los-Angeles based Wasserman Media Group referred questions to Melissa Zukerman, a publicist at Principal Communications Group, who said she had no comment.

Terry Fahn, an attorney at Sitrick and Company, a Los Angeles-based PR firm working with Glaser on behalf of Schnatter, said he didn't know the name of the lawyer cited by Schnatter.

Schnatter resigned last week as chairman of the board of directors after he admitted to using a racial slur in the role-playing exercise.

The fallout has been swift and enormous.

He was forced off the board of trustees at the University of Louisville where the new president also made the decision last Friday to remove his name from the school's football stadium. Other stadiums with sponsorships from the company also have pulled his name down.

Papa John's International also has removed his image from marketing materials.

The chain, which Schnatter founded in 1984 and took public less than a decade later, has kicked him out of the corporation's east Louisville offices and ordered him to stop talking with the media.

Although he apologized for using the N-word during that May conference call, he's since been combative in interviews, insisting in an interview with WHAS radio host Terry Meiners last Friday that the marketing contractor forced him into using "that vocabulary" and leaked it to the media later.

Schnatter was forced to step down as the company chief executive on Jan. 1 after blaming the NFL's handling of national anthem protests by black players for sagging sales during an earnings call last fall. The company had been a big sponsor of the NFL and official pizza sponsor of the Super Bowl.

Schnatter previously got in hot water when he complained in 2012 that providing medical insurance to employees under the federal Affordable Care Act would increase the cost of pizza and may put some low-paid workers out of a job. He later said his remarks were misconstrued and overblown.

Schnatter says in the letter that he and the company's board of directors reached a compromise the same day the report surfaced about the slur. The board wanted him to resign altogether. He agreed instead to step down as chairman and stay on the board.

The company stock dove on news of his comments last week but rebounded by 12 percent following the news he was out.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jul 19 04:21:27
Wow. If the extortion is true then this is pretty fun public soap opera
Thu Jul 19 20:38:55
"It has nothing to do with racial victimhood, "

And yet Forwyn repeats the white victimhood talking points of the far right constantly.

"A couple black coworkers at my office who were cutting shit and said nigga to each other wouldn't get anything more than a slap on the wrist if no one present was offended. "

LoL, this is your example? You fucking retard.
Thu Jul 19 21:54:26
In response to this? Absolutely. It runs directly counter to your idiotic assertion.

"Any black or minority person that says these things in a corporate setting would find themselves quickly fired."
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