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Utopia Talk / Politics / What should be done to her?
Thu Jul 12 11:19:56
Woman Linked to 1955 Emmett Till Murder Tells Historian Her Claims Were False

For six decades, she has been the silent woman linked to one of the most notorious crimes in the nation’s history, the lynching of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy, keeping her thoughts and memories to herself as millions of strangers idealized or vilified her.

Emmett Till was kidnapped from his uncle’s house, beaten and tortured beyond recognition, and shot in the head. His body was tied with barbed wire to a cotton gin fan and thrown into the Tallahatchie River.

But all these years later, a historian says that the woman has broken her silence, and acknowledged that the most incendiary parts of the story she and others told about Emmett — claims that seem tame today but were more than enough to get a black person killed in Jim Crow-era Mississippi — were false.

Ms. Donham, now 82, could not be reached for comment.


Why don't they tie her up with barbed wire and throw her into the river?
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Jul 12 20:54:13

She is 82 years old.

What should really be done?

Thu Jul 12 21:01:37
For conspiracy to commit murder? Jail time at the very least.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Jul 12 21:04:34

That's better.

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