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Utopia Talk / Politics / This is funny
Fri Aug 24 14:17:58
Never thought I'd see the day when a Pecker could take down a Dick.
Fri Aug 24 14:28:32
I will award you a point.
Fri Aug 24 14:30:53

Pecker is Trump's Weiner.

The jokes write themselves.

Fri Aug 24 14:35:26
So now President Trump is in trouble because of two peckers?
Fri Aug 24 16:31:46
"This is funny"

I'm going to have to correct you on that point.
the wanderer
Fri Aug 24 17:25:22
"Trump Worried About Pecker Leaking"

"Report: Trump Losers Pecker"

'Feds Put Squeeze on Trump's Pecker'
Sat Aug 25 02:16:33
It looks like Donald made a cleaning woman pregnant and she gave birth to Donald's child:

"A former Trump World Tower doorman who says he has knowledge of an alleged affair President Donald Trump had with an ex-housekeeper, which resulted in a child"

I can almost see what happened. A cleaning woman was walking around in Donald's room and did some cleaning when Donald walked up to her and grabbed her pussy.

Perhaps what happened was rape, or perhaps she wanted it all along. We just don't know yet. We can only speculate.

Nevertheless, Donald impregnated her and 9 months later she gave birth to Donald's child.
the wanderer
Sat Aug 25 10:58:30
that story did slip out once but didn't get much notice

...apparently it's one of the 'catch-and-kill' stories stashed away in the National Enquirer safe

the dirtbag-in-chief who is surrounded by other dirtbags had a dirtbag magazine working for him to hush up stories of his dirtbaggery
the wanderer
Sat Aug 25 11:49:28
here's the contract w/ the doorman

the amendment at the end seems only interesting thing... originally he was to get $30,000 on publication of the article, amendment changes it to give him $30,000 immediately (as they secretly have no intention to publish)... plus there's a $1,000,000 penalty if the guy tells anyone else... this being their 'reasonable endeavor' to estimate the damages to themselves... yeah, right
Sat Aug 25 17:04:17

So Tiffany isn't the only exiled Trump child? :o)

Sat Aug 25 17:13:56

The cleaning lady probably took Trump for a lot of money. That would explain is anger towards brown immigrants.

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