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Utopia Talk / Politics / ‘Hunger Stones’
Anarchist Prime
Mon Aug 27 12:50:08

‘Hunger Stones’ With Ominous Messages Emerge in Drought-Parched Czech River

The stones recorded low water levels dating back to the 1600s and warn of impending hardships

Read more: http://www...180970130/#sYsfbOdCBWQfpeza.99
Mon Aug 27 13:05:37
A German inscription on the same rock reads: “When you see me, weep.”

Mon Aug 27 13:23:20
"Muh Climate Change"

- Forwyn, Obaminated, Werewolf, Rugian, and every other fucking retarded Republican
Mon Aug 27 14:00:35
lol, cuck.

1. Droughts were clearly occurring in the 1600s.

2. Forwyn
Member Sun Aug 19 19:31:49
I think almost everyone here is in agreement that recklessly consuming a finite strategic resource when there are relatively cheap a) more efficient methods, and b) alternative sources is particularly short-sighted. It might slash consumer costs in the short run, helping a reelection, but when the boomers are dead we'll be picking up the pieces.

Looks like a memo written by Exxon.
Mon Aug 27 20:07:57
Modern droughts..."have not been as long or as severe as some of the historic droughts that have struck Europe over the past 250 years."

Thank gawd for global cooling!
Tue Aug 28 10:54:35
Wow drought in Europe in the 16th century, and then a mini ice age in the 17th.

Climate models must have seen that coming!
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