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Utopia Talk / Politics / Race riots break out in Germany
Mon Aug 27 17:19:46
Merkel is losing the plot.


Far-right protesters in Germany have been "hunting down" foreigners in street mobs after a man was stabbed to death.

The 35-year-old German-Cuban man was killed and two others were left needing hospital treatment after what police described as a dispute between "several people of various nationalities" on Sunday.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old Iraqi man and a 23-year-old Syrian man in connection with the death, according to Leipzig's LVZ news site.

It prompted about 800 people to demonstrate in Chemnitz, a city in which the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) received nearly a quarter of the vote last year.

Hundreds of supporters of PEGIDA, a German nationalist anti-Islam and anti-immigration group gathered for another demonstration on Monday evening, with riot police called to separate the crowds.

Several people were injured as pyrotechnics and objects were thrown from both sides.

Water cannon also had to be moved in.

Media outlets such as Bild reported that protesters shouted "we are the people", "get lost" and "you're not welcome here" at people they thought were migrants.

They have also chanted "Luegenpresse", a Nazi-era term which translates to "lying press".

Others launched attacks with bottles, according to a journalist who reports on far-right activities.

Opponents stood on the other side shouting "Nazis, get out".
Footage posted on social media showed what local newspapers described as hooligans and extremists engaging in street battles with riot police.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the actions of the protesters.

Ms Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert said: "Such riotous assemblies, the hunting down of people who appear to be from different backgrounds or the attempt to spread hate in the streets, these have no place in our country.

"People ganging up, chasing people who look different from them or who come from elsewhere... is something we won't tolerate.

"There is no place in Germany for vigilantism, for groups that want to spread hatred on the streets, for intolerance and racism."

AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier wrote on Twitter: "If the state can no longer protect the citizen, then people will go on the streets and protect themselves."

Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig reacted to the unrest by saying: "If I look at what has happened here on Sunday, I'm horrified.

Mon Aug 27 17:35:05
Never would have happened in Karl Marx Stadt.
Mon Aug 27 21:00:34
probably should be more lenient with who they let into their country.
Mon Aug 27 22:28:56
Too late, the spark is lit. Hope seb has bought a gun. He may need it.
Mon Aug 27 23:16:11
i was being sarcastic by saying the solution is more backwards immigrants.
Mon Aug 27 23:22:09
What the fuck, you bigots? You don't think the answer is more fighting-age males from civil war-torn jihadi shitholes?
Mon Aug 27 23:55:45
Hitler would've never let this happen.
Tue Aug 28 00:04:02
Hitler did love him some jew hating jihadists.
Tue Aug 28 03:30:10
This is Daemon's brother. Daemon has been killed in the race riots that waste Germany right now. He has been stabbed by a Syrian refugee and anally raped by a neonazi. His last words were "what have you done to me, Angela"
There will be a garage sale next weekend.
Tue Aug 28 04:35:25
Is the spark lit now?

It is good that the Americans have guns, because maybe they will come to a use when the spark is lit? I hope obaminated has bought one, he may need one too.

Man charged with killing Mollie Tibbetts is an undocumented immigrant

The suspect was identified as 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who authorities said was an undocumented immigrant from Mexico.


Illegal immigrant arrested for raping 3-year-old girl

Alejandro Vasquez-Camargo, 23, was arrested early Friday morning and charged with rape and gross sexual imposition.

Tue Aug 28 07:41:43
Tue Aug 28 11:09:02
Germany will probably fracture into new states.
The question then becomes

Austro-Deutsch Union when?
Anarchist Prime
Tue Aug 28 11:12:32
"This is Daemon's brother. Daemon has been killed in the race riots that waste Germany right now. He has been stabbed by a Syrian refugee and anally raped by a neonazi. His last words were "what have you done to me, Angela"
There will be a garage sale next weekend."

The Third Reich
Tue Aug 28 11:48:07
Aeros and I should go join the cause.
Tue Aug 28 11:56:23
Bavaria should separate from Germany and and form a union with Austria as the Republic of German Shitlords.
Sam Adams
Wed Aug 29 00:20:25
"This is Daemon's brother. Daemon has been killed in the race riots that waste Germany right now. He has been stabbed by a Syrian refugee and anally raped by a neonazi. His last words were "what have you done to me, Angela"
There will be a garage sale next weekend."

Sam Adams
Wed Aug 29 00:20:59
Especially the garage sale line. 10 out of 10.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Aug 29 06:02:39


Memory Lane
Wed Aug 29 06:08:01
I remember when Hot Rod died and his computer was sold in a garage sale and he returned. But only later being revealed that he was a lying piece of shit that did it to draw sympathy because he couldn't handle insults while at the same time did the same to other posters and harassed them.

I drink and remember things.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Aug 29 07:59:07

Your comment applies to every liberal on this forum, I betcha.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Aug 29 08:01:05

Starting with you jackass.

Memory Lane
Wed Aug 29 08:05:29
I don't remember other posters faking their deaths. Then come back as another dude playing another dude with a yard sale bought computer that found this hole in the wall forum. Then admitted they succumbed to the pressure of trolling antics while be equally as culpable due to their behaviour that had harassed other posters as well.

I usually drink and remember things, but this I do not.
Sat Sep 08 12:07:49
Jewish restaurant attacked during Chemnitz protests: report

A gang of neo-Nazis in Chemnitz allegedly staged a vicious attack on a local Jewish restaurant during a wave of violent right-wing protests. The chaos in the eastern city has sent shock waves across Germany.

German authorities are investigating reports that neo-Nazis attacked a Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz last month as far-right protests erupted in the city, according to Die Welt am Sonntag.

The newspaper reported that a group of around a dozen masked individuals stormed the kosher eatery Schalom on August 27, shouting "Get out of Germany you Jewish pig."

The assailants allegedly threw stones and bottles at the restaurant, damaging the building's facade and shattering a window. The owner, Uwe Dziuballa, was also reportedly injured after being hit on the shoulder with a rock.

'New level of anti-Semitic crime'

An Interior Ministry spokesman cited by Welt said investigations were ongoing, but confirmed the incident "suggests at present a politically motivated crime with an anti-Semitic background."

The German commissioner for anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, called on police and prosecutors to bring the perpetrators to justice and show that "anti-Semitic offenses will be swiftly punished."

"If the reports are true, then we are dealing with a new level of anti-Semitic crime," he said.

"It calls to mind the worst memories of the 1930s," he added, referring to the rise of the Nazis and their murderous campaign to wipe out millions of Jews across Europe.


I hope the jews has bought guns, they may need them.
Sat Sep 08 12:09:11
* I hope the Leftists has bought guns, the may need them.
Sat Sep 08 12:18:40
One demonstration in Chemnitz

Examples of their chants:
"Germany for the Germans, foreigners get out"
"Merkel has to go"
"We are the fans, Adolf Hitler hooligans"
"Fortress Europe, close the borders"
Sat Sep 08 12:21:06
Hm.. so maybe this attack is the reason why the USA is sending 1500 soliders to Germany. They are going to attack Adolf Hitler’s Hooligans?
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