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Utopia Talk / Politics / Another abandoning ship
Wed Aug 29 16:21:00
Don McGahn is leaving the White House. Just chop that up to another member of Trump's leaving. You know the denial that Trumpicantards will argue is perfection normal for turnover rates.

Let's not ignore the fact that McGahn made Trump very nervous as he spoke with Mueller regarding the Russian Investigation. Doesn't appear to bode too well for Trump. Trumpicantards are resilient....they don't believe what is written out in from of them.

Trumpicantard's rejoice as they push for obstruction of justice.

Wed Aug 29 16:59:21
President Obama was on his 2nd after one year and his third after 2.5 years.

Wed Aug 29 17:56:57
Funny (not haha) to see this today. This morning I seem to remember an article saying that Senate Rs no longer have Sessions back and that, were he to be fired, it'd probably be after the election. You don't want to have voters making decisions based on what pols actually do after all.

I also seem to remember that McGahn was the one who threatened to resign when Trump last tried to fire Mueller. Sure that these things are just a coincidental of course.
Wed Aug 29 18:09:35
Trump is going to go for a massacre right after the elections.

It's imperative that the Democrats take the senate if we're ever going to get to the truth.
Wed Aug 29 18:11:36
You under the impression that Democrats are suddenly going to investigate themselves?
Wed Aug 29 18:48:14
Wed Aug 29 19:05:09
the truth just as Dukhat requested.
Wed Aug 29 20:35:50
Kargen wants to draw a false moral equivalency between Dems and Republicans.

More whatboutism.
Wed Aug 29 21:45:04
Do you know the difference in a Democrat and a Republican in D.C.?

Who gets the subsidies.

You can't swing a dead cat on either side of the aisle without hitting someone who has cheated on their taxes their wife/significant other or both.

If President Trump colluded with the Russians or any other country to undermine the election then he should be tried for treason as should those in his campaign that helped. We should extend that same courtesy to Democrats and any efforts they may have had to illegally influence the election.
the wanderer
Wed Aug 29 22:33:56
Trump is unfit beyond taxes, wife cheating & collusion... he makes the public dumber on a daily basis w/ his constant bullshit & conspiracy theories, plus he doesn't remotely gather the knowledge he should when he makes decisions... not that he could even process it

there is NO evidence the Dems tried to illegally influence the election... all the claims against FBI people are bullshit, but despite all that, NOTHING EVER LEAKED... how could the investigation affect the election at all? or if Dems wanted to affect, leak the dossier BEFORE the election, why even take to the FBI if it was fake? (hint: it wasn't fake)

anyway, here's how it will go down if D's take the House... he's already prepped the Sessions firing, so he then picks a total shit job like Giuliani, and the Senate R's go along w/ it selling it as necessary because of claims the D's will abuse their investigation power in the House
Wed Aug 29 22:53:54
More whataboutism. I get that many lifelong republicans want to justify continued support in face of trump's problems. Hopefully that cognitive dissonance is enough so that they just stay home this fall and for trump's reelection.
Thu Aug 30 03:55:21
Who is the life long Republican in this thread? I'm not playing your silly whataboutism game. You see people who play that game try to justify conduct by saying well they did it first or they get to do it. I'm not saying that at all. I am saying if you want to go after corruption you go after it on all sides.

So far we have been told there is evidence Russians tried to influence the election. As far as election tampering and illegal influence goes that is about it.

Of course we don't know what Mueller will eventually release. It is pretty amazing he seems able to keep leaks into the part of the investigation he hasn't turned over to other jurisdictions to a minimum.

The cognitive dissonance you are seeing is staring you in the face when you peer into the mirror.

Fun (or sad depending on point of view) thing is all the Democrats talking about investigations, impeachment and a few other things is what will bring Republicans out in droves.

And I still don't think President Trump will give Giuliani the job. Giuliani is just a tool President Trump is using for now to drag the story and narrative the direction he wants.
Thu Aug 30 07:05:46
I think you have any idea whatboutism means because it's literally all you do.
Thu Aug 30 07:14:04
Republicans have made a mockery of congress because they can offer nothing to help people in terms of policies since they are so beholden to a few billionaire donors. They just spend most of their time attacking dems to distract people from that simple fact with Trumped up charges. And now they are eating their own because Trump is so corrupt and incompetent he can't believe that some of the Republicans he appointed are at least a little professional at their job.

He wants to go after Sessions and Rosenstein not because they are doing a bad job, but because they are doing a good job. Loyalty, not competency is all that matters and it's been an issue with Republicans over multiple terms now with George W. Bush having the same failings.

Democrats are certainly not perfect by any means but compared to the current GOP, they are saints. The entire freedom caucus and brown-nosers like Nunes are basically criminals.
Thu Aug 30 07:30:13
"I'm not playing your silly whataboutism game. You see people who play that game try to justify conduct by saying well they did it first or they get to do it. I'm not saying that at all."

"You under the impression that Democrats are suddenly going to investigate themselves?"

"Do you know the difference in a Democrat and a Republican in D.C.?

Who gets the subsidies."

Yep. Totally not playing that game.

Also, your "catchy line" about Dems, repubs, and subsidies is not nearly as witty as you think it is. I would suggest retiring it.
Thu Aug 30 18:07:35
May not be witty but it is true.
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