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Utopia Talk / Politics / Fire CNN's boss - Trump
Peter Walsh
Thu Aug 30 08:54:42

Trump calls for CNN boss to be fired

US President Donald Trump has attacked CNN's president Jeff Zucker on Twitter, saying that he should be fired.

President Trump said CNN's "hatred and extreme bias" towards him made the media organisation "unable to function".

"Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck, & AT&T should fire him to save credibility!" he tweeted.

Mr Zucker is currently on six weeks' leave from CNN to recover from having heart surgery.

The hatred and extreme bias of me by @CNN has clouded their thinking and made them unable to function. But actually, as I have always said, this has been going on for a long time. Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck, & AT&T should fire him to save credibility!

11:50 AM - Aug 30, 2018

AT&T said it had no comment.

CNN declined to comment on the latest tweets, but directed the BBC to its response on Twitter to President Trump's tweets on Wednesday.

The broadcaster also pointed out that its ratings this month - 707,000 viewers - were its second highest ever achieved for the month of August.

Further, CNN highlighted the fact that comScore's Multi-Platform Media Metrix ranked CNN as number one in multiplatform visitors, mobile visitors, video starts, millennial reach and social following.

Replying to @realDonaldTrump @carlbernstein
Make no mistake, Mr. President, CNN does not lie. We report the news. And we report when people in power tell lies. CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters. There may be many fools in this story but @carlbernstein is not one of them.

12:44 AM - Aug 30, 2018

President Trump has long complained about CNN, maintaining that it is dishonest and focused on its own agenda.

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was barred from a White House event in July after asking questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mr Trump's ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen.

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In a second tweet on Thursday, President Trump also criticised NBC News.

"What's going on at CNN is happening, to different degrees, at other networks - with NBC News being the worst," he said.

He added that it was "good news" that NBC News chairman Andy Lack could be facing dismissal over his handling of a series of sexual harassment allegations against high-profile news presenters, as well as the hiring of former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Over the last few months, President Trump has also targeted the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

In March, he accused the internet giant of ripping off the US Postal Service.

In June, he said that the Washington Post was "fake news", and was bought by Amazon in a bid to help it avoid paying internet taxes.
Thu Aug 30 09:18:52
Coward attacks someone recovering from invasive surgery? Yeah, sounds about right for tiny hands.
Thu Aug 30 09:25:37
Maybe he is hoping it will kill him.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 30 10:49:56
"Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck"

so presidential!
Thu Aug 30 11:33:36
Is it even the president’s job to tell private companies to fire their employees? Isn’t that abuse of power?
Average Ameriacn
Thu Aug 30 11:45:17
Has he been fired yet?
werewolf dictator
Thu Aug 30 11:52:31
"CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters. There may be many fools in this story but @carlbernstein is not one of them."

bernstein et al wrote in ultra-hyped cnn trump tower story that lanny davis had declined to comment

in fact lanny davis was major [if not only] source.. as lanny davis outed himself in giving incorrect information to cnn for that story

standing by story where reporters clearly lied in it.. enters ridiculous joy reid "hackers did it" territory
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Aug 30 13:35:23

You know something.

It's starting to look like President Trump had nothing to do with anything that he has been accused of.

Imagine that.

Sam Adams
Thu Aug 30 13:37:54


That is all.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 30 15:14:53
"It's starting to look like President Trump had nothing to do with anything that he has been accused of. "

please explain
Cold Rod
Thu Aug 30 15:17:41
"please explain"

He is really dumb.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 30 16:47:56
if Lanny Davis (Cohens lawyer) lying* to CNN fully discredits CNN somehow, what does Giuliani's constant stream of lies to Fox News do?

*although CNN says Lanny not only source, plus not clear if Lanny lied, his walkback isn't clear... plus Trump absolutely knew about the offer. He announced a speech about new Hillary dirt plus his son is told Russia wants to help and has info and he doesn't mention it to his father? But does tell Manafort and Kushner... no way
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Aug 30 18:17:05

"Let's Twist again like we did last Summer."

Fri Aug 31 17:43:08

It amazes me that these idiots keep putting up with his bullshit.

Fri Aug 31 18:28:20
It's only a matter of time before he declares marshal law and has any so called news agency that has said anything even remotely negative about him taken off the air.
Any company that has out done him. Especially guys like Jeff Bezos who blew way past him on the success scale and is still rocketing away and above.
The NFL for dissing him and not letting him buy a team.
Google for not eliminating any negatives about him.
Face Book, for being Face Book.
There is going to be a lot of changes made in this country as soon as he is declared King Emperor.
Fri Aug 31 18:54:22

There's no doubt that Trump would declare himself President for life and turn the federal government and military on his enemies, if he thought the US military would back him.

The question is why he doesn't believe that they would.

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