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Utopia Talk / Politics / Guess the race
Thu Aug 30 09:08:27
A mother of 5 died when her car hurtled into a tree in Scranton. Police say her boyfriend cut the brake lines to make a crack pipe.

Anarchist Prime
Thu Aug 30 09:16:37
smart dude
Thu Aug 30 10:15:27
Scranton implies white. So I'll go with honkey too.
Sam Adams
Thu Aug 30 10:52:07
Darwin awards all around. Euthanize the entire family. Id guess black but with low confidence.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 30 10:57:11
the crack pipe story is suspect, in article:

Upon investigating Fox's car after the crash, police found that three brake lines had been severed and a fourth was crimped, according to the Times-Tribune.

In the days following Jenkins' admission, Fox's loved ones aren't buying his crack pipe story.

"I mean, can't you find something else around your house to smoke crack in?" one friend told WNEP. "Aluminum foil? Something else. I'm pretty sure if you're a career crackhead you can find something else besides a brake line to smoke crack in."

do we have any crackheads who can weigh in?
Sam Adams
Thu Aug 30 12:04:55
How do you not realize your brakes have failed until after you reach 60mph? I can think of only a few road configurations that would allow a competent driver to leave their house without braking at all. Also how do you then fail so badly to drive straight into a tree?
Thu Aug 30 13:44:11
Honkey? Isn’t that racist to say? That be like saying donkey about a Mexican and monkey about an African?

But yes, the crack smoking man is white. The woman looks mixed race.

large member
Thu Aug 30 18:29:12
Lets play guess the gender. I guess male.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 30 19:30:40
anyone with a neck tattoo is a criminal
Thu Aug 30 19:58:37
def white.
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