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Utopia Talk / Politics / Gay is contagious
Sam Adams
Fri Aug 31 12:34:55
The left wont like this study. Ban those facts!!!


Explosive Ivy League Study Repressed For Finding Transgender Kids May Be A Social Contagion
Fri Aug 31 13:21:32
“Rapid-onset gender dysphoria”

100% read those first 4 words as rapist onset... Hawkward.

If this is being used to success maybe not everyone claiming gender dysphoria is actually dysphoric, sure.
If it's claiming that there is no such thing as natural, uninfluenced gender dysphoria, imma not let you finish.
If people thought that there would be no false positives, they stupid.
If people thought the existence of false positives meant they're all false positives, they also stupid.
If people think that this means there's some sort of epidemic level number of people abusing the transgender card, they again also stupid.

The mad dash to have this suppressed sounds like bullshit, as I didn't see any arguments that such suppression was valid (like, if the study was poorly handled, data was fudged, etc.).
Sat Sep 01 00:25:00
Those are a lot of possible false positives though. From 10’s to 1400 in 10 years. Befor all of this you would have called most of these girls tom boys or your ordinary ”butch” lesbian, now there is something that needs to be corrected. Similar development in Sweden.
Sat Sep 01 01:15:17
People have been saying, if you leave these kids alone, or rather convince them away from doing surgery and hormones, most of them will grow up to be happy gay adults.

Ironically gender reassignment is the Iranian solution for gay people. There the culture bluntly forces gays against their will to undergo surgery, when they just want to be gay, here the culture has ”convinced” the same people it is the right thing to do, when they are just gay! Strange fucking times friends, straaange fucking times.
large member
Sat Sep 01 05:03:55
Its not ironic at all. Iran being a fascist technocracy in religious cloakings.

Of course gay is simply a misplaced soul that can easily be corrected by technology so as to give it the correct biology.
Sat Sep 01 05:33:45
Yea, and that is what the cultural preassure now looks like for gay kids. You are a misplaced brain in the wrong body, that can easily be corrected by technology and given the correct biology. There are many ways to hell, some of them paved with good intentions.
Sat Sep 01 13:40:25
Nobody is claiming gay is closet-transgender. They are two completely seperate things.
Sun Sep 02 02:30:38
That claim is that ”ordinary” gay kids, girls and boys who would grow up to be gay are undergoing surgery that the generation of yester year didn’t. That this development couldn’t be biological since it is far too rapid. That leaves us with developments in culture, there has been alot of that around this subject recently.

Teenagers are _stupid_, they are far from ”done” in the head and it is a confusing time as it is. I can only imagine the added layer of confusion if you have an atypical sexual preference or identity. Confusing one for the other is not uncommon. As in if you are gay and trying to ”fit in”, there is no giant leap to ”well maybe I am in the wrong body”. The well meant intention of not questioning and invalidating peoples experience to be supportive of them may put them on a path of irreversible regret.

Sun Sep 02 07:10:41
dont you be getting your gays on me
Mon Sep 03 19:31:02
Google knows the truth of it
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