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Jebbebiah Wilkins
Thu Sep 06 15:47:44
The world has become a better place


India strikes down ban on gay sex
By Avery Anapol - 09/06/18

India’s Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling Thursday to end a colonial-era ban on gay sex, a decision that is being hailed as a turning point for LGBTQ rights in the country.

The unanimous decision by the five-judge panel strikes down Section 377 of the penal code, a ban on sex that goes “against the order of nature,” which has been in place since 1861, according to The Times of India, which added that the court ruled that the ban is discriminatory and “violative of constitutional principles."

"Consensual sex between adults in a private space, which is not harmful to women or children, cannot be denied as it is a matter of individual choice," the court said, the newspaper added.

The plaintiffs in the case challenging Section 377 argued that the law put them at risk of prosecution for being gay. At least one had been arrested, beaten and jailed under Section 377 after handing out condoms near a train station, according to NPR.

The ban was partially struck down in 2009 in one region of India, but after a challenge from a conservative Hindu astrologer, the Supreme Court reinstated it fully in 2013.

Meenakshi Ganguly, the South Asia director for Human Rights Watch, praised Thursday’s decision as “a momentous step that will resonate around the world.”

By striking down criminalization of same sex relations under #Section377 India's #SupremeCourt has taken a momentous step that will resonate around the world. Over 70 countries, including many in the Commonwealth, that still have such discriminatory laws should also repeal. @hrw
— meenakshi ganguly (@mg2411) September 6, 2018

Ganguly called for the dozens of other countries, including many former British colonies, with similar “discriminatory laws” to follow India’s lead.
the wanderer
Thu Sep 06 15:54:27
a bigger victory might have been saying gay sex wasn't against nature...
Thu Sep 06 16:43:44

So ... how many people are going to get killed over this? 10,000?

Thu Sep 06 17:09:37
Thu Sep 06 17:17:20
Just what the world needed, a billion people who don't bathe or exercise basic hygiene having butt sex with each other.
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