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Utopia Talk / Politics / If there are so many die-hard MAGA
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Sep 07 00:29:45
Trump has many many supporters yet few of them work in the White House.

Its like the world's shittiest Greek tragedy. Trump is man that demands and values loyalty above all else but is incapable of maintaining it.
Fri Sep 07 06:06:27

That's because Trump doesn't know many rednecks and shit kickers personally. He only knows snakes and swamp creatures.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Sep 07 06:15:27

A great many of those working in The White House are career politicians. Not sure if he can dump them en masse or not.

Fri Sep 07 19:09:55
The Jews will not replace us guys are still behind him. That is like 95% of the party, so no issues for the clown.
Fri Sep 07 19:50:08
That's because Trump supporters are rural leeches. They are not qualified for any jobs whatsoever. They're like the rednecks from Deliverance only there are tens of millions of them.
Sat Sep 08 00:16:58
"That's because Trump supporters are rural leeches. They are not qualified for any jobs whatsoever. They're like the rednecks from Deliverance only there are tens of millions of them."

This sentiment is why Trump won.

To answer the OPs question though, our political system has evolved to the point where politics itself has become a profession with its own class of workers. They all have varied political opinions, yet all of them are cut from the same cloth as the ruling caste.

Problem is this sort of thing is something you see in a monarchy or ossified oligarchy. Not a representative democracy. Trump is an avatar of total rejection by the voters of the professional ruling class. However, the professional ruling class has built a system that requires them to run it. And Trump, being just one man, can't simply tear down the system without throwing the country into chaos. As such he needs the professional ruling class. But they have no desire to assist him in dismantling the gravy train.
Sat Sep 08 01:09:13
Retarded anti-establishment thinking. Aeros has drunk the retard kool-aid.
Sat Sep 08 01:11:35
You hire the best available worker and that means someone with an education or someone willing to move or adapt their situation.

The rural rednecks who continue to support Trump at tremendous rate are profoundly and utterly helpless having committed themselves to sticking their thumbs in their ears and blaming others.

My mom went back to Pharmacy school at 46 years old and finished a few years ago. Nursing is probably the easiest retraining path for a man or a female. The academic requirements aren't too stringent.

But do these people bother? No. Helplessness is a helluva drug.
Sat Sep 08 01:15:57
Many of the rural people that support Trump aren't poor anyways. They tend to be middle class and have incomes above their level of education. Those type of people identify with a retard like Trump who has none of the characteristics of a typical billionaire (they usually have above-average intelligence for one).

The idiot was born into privilege, gambled his way into money, and then used our corporate-welfare-favoring tax code to stay rich despite failure after failure.

They want to be like him and continue to be slack jawed yokels that can make a good living without doing anything which is why they readily believe what an empty suit tells them.
Sat Sep 08 01:22:06
"They usually have above average intelligence"* refers to billionaires in general.

West Virginia is having a small mini-boom because of natural gas but instead of learning the lessons of coal and reinvesting some of that money, the Republican governor and state house are working hand in hand with shitty mining corporations to make sure that the people get nothing.

Meanwhile, petrostates like Norway have the largest Sovereign Wealth Fund in the world because they know a day without oil will come.

As I've said before, helplessness is a helluva drug. These idiots won't take even the minimal steps to help themselves. Best to just ignore them and their ignorance and completely swamp their vote. Or better yet flood their areas with opiods so they can kill themselves.
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