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Mon Sep 10 04:47:06
Sweden PM invites opposition to talks as far-right make election gains

Sweden's anti-immigrant far-right made gains in legislative elections Sunday and vowed to exert "real influence" as kingmaker, after both the left-wing and centre-right blocs failed to obtain a majority and the make-up of the next government remained up in the air.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven invited the centre-right opposition Alliance to talks aimed at a "cross-bloc cooperation", after his Social Democrats remained the biggest party with 28.4 percent of votes, its weakest election score in a century.

He said the election result marked "the death of bloc politics" in Sweden.

At the head of one of the few left-wing governments in Europe, Löfven's bloc appeared to hold 144 of 349 seats in parliament, one seat more than the Alliance, with votes in 99.8 percent of districts counted.

That is well short of the 175 needed for a majority.

Just 30,000 votes separated the two blocs. But some 200,000 votes from Swedes who live abroad, which could tip the balance, were only to be counted Wednesday.

Read da whole article here: http://www...-far-right-make-election-gains

And read more stuff here:

Sweden faces uncertainty after dead-heat election

Sweden is headed for a cross-party agreement or political deadlock, after an inconclusive election which saw the far-right make sizeable gains.

What happens now? Löfven has not resigned, so prepare for an uncertain period of long and intense negotiations about who will run Sweden in the next four years. It is unlikely that either the left-wing or the right-wing would at this stage willingly allow the other to form a government. It is even more unlikely that the Sweden Democrats, with more than 17 percent of the vote, would make way for the future government without expecting something in return – such as for example senior posts on legislative committees.


While the far-right party (SD) made a good election, the Left Party did also good. They too gained a lot of voters. Both the far Left and the far Right gained voters.

It means that the Left and the Right is more polarized today, and it is mainly the immigration issue that is polarizing people.

However, SD didn't do as good as they expected. The thought they would get between 20-25% of the votes and some said they would get 30%. But they only got 17,6%. So they are very disappointed today. Their "win" isn't as big as expected, so it's kinda a loss for them.

People also thought that the Social Democrats would only get like 20-25%. But they got 28,3%. So it's kinda a win for them, although they did worse this elecetion compared to the last election.

I had a feeling that more people than expected would be voting for the Social Democrats, and I was right.
Mon Sep 10 04:51:28
I think da best for Sweden now is if we could have a Social-Liberal government.

The Social Democrats
The Liberals
The Center
...and maybe throw in The Greens also.

That would be best. The extremists should be kept out from the government.
Mon Sep 10 04:58:20
Swedish Liberal leader auctions shirt off his back to fight racism

The leader of Sweden's Liberal party put a blue shirt he wore throughout the campaign up for auction on election day Sunday, vowing to donate the money to an anti-racist magazine as the far-right was tipped to win record votes.

"I have defended my view of a liberal society with rolled up shirtsleeves. My shirt has been with me in this fight," Jan Björklund wrote in an advertisement on the Tradera auction site.

"Number of debates: 12, Size: L (why would I choose S or M?), Colour: blue (the colour of freedom), Price: the highest bidder (I'm in favour of free trade)," Björklund wrote cheekily of the shirt he reportedly wore almost every day during the election campaign.

He said the money would be donated to the magazine "Expo, an organisation relentlessly fighting against the nauseating worldview of nationalism".

The gesture -- a form of electioneering to any objective observer -- is permissible in Sweden, where campaigning is allowed on election day.

The Liberal leader has been one of the most vocal voices against the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration party that is tipped to win around 20 percent of votes in Sunday's legislative elections.

Founded in 1995 by Stieg Larsson, author of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" crime trilogy, and other anti-fascist activists, Expo runs a website and a magazine on far-right and neo-Nazi groups.


^I think the Liberal leader has some Jewish genes in him. I think it was his grandmother who fled the Nazis and arrived as a refugee in Sweden. That's why he hates the far-right SD.

I'm not gonna bid on his shirt though. But maybe if Annie Lööf, the leader of The Center Party, would auction her panties then maybe I would bid on them.
Mon Sep 10 09:56:24

The best thing for Sweden is to kill off the far right before it grows any more.

Mon Sep 10 10:21:24
I wish we could just walk into a store and buy guns and ammo here in Sweden like you can in the US.
Mon Sep 10 10:23:23
"The best thing for Sweden is to kill off the far right before it grows any more. " - my parents raised me right.
Mon Sep 10 11:16:23
"far right" is anyone that rejects centrist and leftist talking points. It's such a broad umbrella that it's become a meaningless phrase.
Mon Sep 10 12:48:31

Apparently some here are under the impression that killing bad people is wrong. It's not. It's right, and just, and good. It's a service to mankind.

werewolf dictator
Mon Sep 10 12:53:12
murder's parents were kicked out of cuba because they wanted castro to go full khmer rouge
Mon Sep 10 13:23:21
The world has become such a shitty place now that we have perpetual peace and no more Vietnams to kill off all the stupid people.
Mon Sep 10 18:03:09
Murder is correct, the greatest generation are the greatest because they annaliated a bunch of fascist scumbags. RIP
Mon Sep 10 18:08:32
Anyone that is elected democratically can't possibly be a fascist derp derp derp

Mon Sep 10 18:14:15
Can't compare anything to Nazi germany, that's Godwin's law. The most important event in the 20th century can't ever be discussed as an example of how genocidal regimes come to power because then I can't threaten entire ethnicities in open political discussion derp derp derp.
Tue Sep 11 02:26:03
I had still not decided who to vote for and spent the entire day thinking about it. But then it got too late and the voting closed.
Maybe in 4 years things will be clearer and I will vote.
Tue Sep 11 04:20:42
When in doubt, vote Green.
Tue Sep 11 04:22:25
That way you are at the least voting for your child so that (s)he will have a planet with clean oceans and fresh air.
Anarchist Prime
Tue Sep 11 11:44:44
Conservatives enter alliance with Swedish far-right in European Parliament

The Conservatives have entered an alliance with a far-right anti-immigration party from Sweden, prompting accusations they are “worryingly comfortable in the company of right-wing extremists”.

Following meetings on Tuesday night, the Sweden Democrats party, which has its roots in fascism and white supremacy, was admitted to the Tory-led European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group, set up by David Cameron in 2009.

Wed Sep 12 03:19:42
It stood between M, KD or SD.

In relative Swedish terms I am conservative. While I accept their economic policies, I can’t sign on the L and C social policies, which basically is SJWism. They are parties full of sebs.
Wed Sep 12 04:19:59
So how come it was so hard for you to decide?
Thu Sep 13 02:23:04
"I had still not decided who to vote for and spent the entire day thinking about it. But then it got too late and the voting closed."

I think you smoked weed all day and then you got to the voting place in the evening and voted for SD. But you don't want to admit for us that you voted for SD.
Thu Sep 13 11:45:59
Yes :(
I got so baked I didn’t know what I was voting for. I might have cast my voted with a penis I drew on a piece of paper. Then I wrote SD (Sug Detta). It could count as a valid vote for SD.
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