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Mon Sep 10 17:50:07
A top economic adviser acknowledges Trump's claim about jobless rate and GDP was false.

Kevin Hassett, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, on Monday told reporters President Donald Trump tweeted an incorrect claim that US gross domestic product had surpassed the rate of unemployment for the first time in more than a century.

"The GDP Rate (4.2%) is higher than the Unemployment Rate (3.9%) for the first time in over 100 years!" Trump tweeted Monday morning.


Thanks Obama for giving us this economy that Trump is riding the wave on.

Trumpicantards rejoice as they believe lies are truths.
werewolf dictator
Mon Sep 10 19:13:30
from link

"Hassett told reporters the GDP growth rate is higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in 10 years, not 100 as the president suggested in his tweet."

but great job by obama and his average 2.05% gdp growth rate.. lower than every single quarter under trump [last quarter at 4.2% and with atlanta fed projecting q3 at 4.4%]
werewolf dictator
Mon Sep 10 19:30:39
obama last 6 quarters of gdp growth rate
0.4% 1.5% 2.3% 1.9% 1.8% 1.8%

trump's quarters of gdp growth rate
3.0% 2.8% 2.3% 2.2% 4.2% 4.4%*
* projected

trump is definitely riding on that booming economy inherited from obama
Mon Sep 10 20:33:08
You are correct, he is riding on the economy that Obama built. It is fact.

werewolf dictator
Mon Sep 10 21:36:37
facts.. economy under obama grew at 2.05%.. last 6 quarters mean at 1.62%.. obama was first president ever to not have 3% growth in a year

fake news msm retardation.. trump inherited booming economy from obama
the wanderer
Mon Sep 10 21:40:01
if the shadow gov't would lock Trump up in the basement, he might have good approval numbers
Mon Sep 10 21:41:50
The economy is going to implode like the birth of a neutron star once a recession hits in combination with this additional global debt that's being wracked up.
werewolf dictator
Mon Sep 10 21:48:38

Collective Munchausen following @realDonaldTrump's 2016 victory:

1) The economy will be destroyed
2) A dictatorship will be installed
3) "People of color" and other "marginalized" groups will no longer be safe in the US
4) Global war will erupt due to Trump's instability
5) US democracy will cease to function (linked to prediction 2)
6) Gay rights will be abolished
7) Jews will face greater discrimination because bruh Trump is a Nazi.
[Many other hysteric predictions by "intellectual" types were made.]

How many of these fears have materialized?
the wanderer
Mon Sep 10 21:58:23
he's making progress on #2, #3, #5 & #7

shadow gov't has helped stop #1 & #4
Mon Sep 10 22:22:56
the wanderer
Mon Sep 10 22:35:19
1) we know the letter snatched off his desk would've ended our trade agreement w/ South Korea (& he definitely would've signed it) & we know he would've ended NAFTA awhile ago until the shadow gov't intervened (just for starters)

2) his love for & desire to be a dictator is quite clear to anyone paying attention

3) there's no question he has smeared brown people continuously since the beginning, no one can possibly believe he hasn't ramped up hatred of mexicans

4) he played chicken w/ a crazed dictator... plus we heard today about that reckless tweet (about pulling out family members of military in south korea) he almost made if not for the shadow gov't (although i think that was reported before too)

5) he's doing his best to smear the election system, justice dept, courts, media, anyone that interferes or criticizes him (+ see #2 as noted)

6) i don't recall this ever being a concern... but maybe its about his bible love bullshit or SC judges

7) "Jews...will not... replace us"... chanted out in the open, no shame
"Antisemitic incidents in the US surged 57% in 2017, the Anti-Defamation League said"

and that's without knowing the heaps more incidents the shadow gov't stepped in on... Woodward book comes out tomorrow...hooray

unlike a normal adult president who would get info then make a decision, this idiot makes decisions & then adults yell 'whoa! stop, you mentally stable genius!' (while thinking 'idiot')
the wanderer
Mon Sep 10 22:39:32
...also w/ 1) there'd be a LOT more tariffs if Trump has his way, and not clear if there's been any success w/ the ones done already
Mon Sep 10 23:17:02
Republicans are build their world-view on ignorance. Remember werewolf uses anecdotes of people still freezing to death in winter as "proof" that man-made climate change isn't happening.
werewolf dictator
Tue Sep 11 01:56:34
i've never claimed anecdotal "freezing to death" is proof man made climate change isn't happening since

[1] i believe man made climate change is happening

[2] the very large number of cold related deaths globally [~7.3% over 13 countries studied vs ~0.4% heat related] are rarely hypothermic "freezing to death".. but instead usually by increase in respiratory illnesses that occurs even in moderate cold weather.. as well by increase in cardiovascular stress..

increased co2 fertilizer effect is also good.. considered 70% responsible for world increase of leaf coverage equal to 2x area of continental usa.. over last 35 years.. [and climate change itself considered responsible for another 8% of this earth's greening..]


ignorant would be thinking co2 and climate change has been bad for humans or plant life.. or will be so into projectible future
Tue Sep 11 04:43:38
Mr. Werewolf Dictator,

I understand you being a Trumpicantard and it is your nature to believe Comrade Trump's lies are truth. But I think you for clearly failing to understand how economy works especially when it comes to growth. A few things to revisit;

Obama when elected inherited a terrible and crashing economy from Bush and to Bush's credit did implemented ideas for bailout options, which included the auto-industry which Obama did utilize;

Recession Recovery
Trump entered office without a recession to fight. But he won the election on the impression by voters that the economic growth should be better. He promised growth of more than 4 percent. His voters didn't realize that such fast growth is unsustainable and dangerous. It becomes a bubble that creates a recession. Here are examples of that boom and bust cycle.

Obama faced the worst recession since the Great Depression. He used expansionary fiscal policy to combat it. He signed the $787 billion Economic Stimulus Act. This act created jobs in education and infrastructure, ending the recession in the third quarter 2009.

Obama bailed out the U.S. auto industry on March 30, 2009. The federal government took over General Motors and Chrysler, saving 3 million jobs.

Obama used Bush-era Troubled Asset Relief Program funds to create Home Affordable Refinance Program. It rescued homeowners who were upside-down in their mortgages.


It is understandable that Trumpicantards such as yourself continue to tout GDP growth, it is your only defense you have and it isn't really much of one.

Deficit and Debt
Both presidents ran up record-setting budget deficits. Trump's FY 2019 budget creates a $833 billion deficit.

Trump betrayed his promise to reduce the deficit. The FY 2017 budget enacted by Congress estimated a $666 billion deficit. That can't all be blamed on Obama, even though it was his last budget. Congress created a budget that added $38.8 billion to Obama's budget proposal. Congress's enacted budget was also $4 billion more than Trump's budget amendment.

Trump promised to cut waste. But some of his strategies fall under the five myths on cutting government spending. These include cutting foreign aid, increase defense spending to boost growth, and cut entitlement programs. Research shows these aren't the most effective ways to cut spending or boost the economy.

In FY 2009, Obama created the largest deficit in U.S. history. President Bush's last budget, for FY 2009, started out with a $407 billion deficit. TARP added another $151 billion to the deficit. Obama's stimulus plan added $253 billion. The recession reduced revenue by almost $600 billion. As a result, the FY 2009 budget deficit was $1.4 trillion.

Obama's FY 2010 budget deficit was $1.294 trillion. The FY 2011 budget deficit topped that at $1.3 trillion. Then, as the economy improved, each year's deficit became smaller. But the deficit by president has increased under Trump's budgets. It will be $987 billion by FY 2020.

So far, the U.S. debt rose the most during Obama’s terms. Each year's budget deficit adds to the debt. Obama added a total of $8.5 trillion by the end of FY 2017.

Trump promised to reduce the national debt. But the debt by president reveals that Trump will increase the debt by $8.3 trillion in just one term. His plan to reduce the debt relies on increasing economic growth to 6 percent. Like most Republicans, he used tax cuts to spur that level of growth.


This is another example of what long-term effects will have. Again economic experts have indicated and which was suggested by another poster earlier that a recession is most probable and it will have a negative impact. This is also attaching to the abysmal trade polices that this administration is enforcing. NAFTA for example is the same as it was with tweaks which is opposite of what Trump has claimed and would not have much of an impact as he has touted.

Experts have pointed out that overspending 2006 was a big contributor to the recession. Trump is already a huge contributor repeating this.




Yes, please continue to grasp onto the GDP as the indicator that Trump is some masterful genius to the economy. He is completely the opposite. The economy was at the pace as it should be and the stabilization. The job numbers were already at a low and experts have acknowledged that no matter who was going to be president, that they would still reap the benefits from that economy from the previous administration. Unemployment rate was already a trend that was going lower and Trump was able to use that for his own accomplishment, but it wasn't his own as he had not implemented any policies that would have an impact on it.

Typically any implementation of economic policies, that Trump finally passed won't see an effect until at least 2 years. And Trump has made more this year.


Economists predict the decline of the economy due to Trump, which falls into the timeline.




Once again, I know that Trumpicantards like to blindly follow their messiah and cling on every word they say. But it is quite evident that you 1) Really do not understand economy. 2) Think Trump has solved the world's problems 3) And enjoy the bubble that you live in.

This is understandable for those who like to keep their head in a hole in the ground. But for the rest of us who see what is occurring, will continue to speak with facts.

Thank you for contributing to the thread, hopefully this will be a learning experience for you. But considering the ridiculous defenses you have presented for Trump and other arguments that defy the laws of logical fallacies, it is obvious your head is shoved up the orifice of Trump.


-FoxNEWS staff
werewolf dictator
Tue Sep 11 07:34:07
"He promised growth of more than 4 percent. His voters didn't realize.."

gg.. everyone knows trump is salesman who exaggerates [except maybe hot rod].. this doesn't change the fact that economy under obama sucked for 8 full years and under trump it is incredibly better.. [and partly because trump's optimistic salesmanship is infectious and increases consumer and business confidence]

"Obama.. ending the recession in the third quarter 2009."

so after *two* quarters under obama [q1 2009 goes to bush by tradition] it was then obama's economy and he gets credit.. but we are entering the *sixth* quarter of economy under trump yet somehow he is not supposed to get credit of 4.4% projected and 4.2% previous quarters

really dumb

since you are trying to say that obama is responsible for economy as late as q6 under trump.. then clearly bush would be completely responsible for end of recession in q2 under obama..

this recession and end of it [by bush] also made obama's job at creating growth afterwards really easy.. since economy at bottom of recession/depression is running under its real potential.. instead obama ran up huge deficits and got crap growth.. horrible job [even if mccain and romney would be even more horrible.. unlike trump]

"It [deficit] will be $987 billion by FY 2020.. But the debt by president reveals that Trump will increase the debt by $8.3 trillion in just one term."

sure.. deficit projections of $833b/year to $987b/year over one term of four years add up to $8.3t.. as "the debt by president reveals"

"Obama's FY 2010 budget deficit was $1.294 trillion. The FY 2011 budget deficit topped that at $1.3 trillion."

see.. the democrats usual plan is to funnel more money to poor people so they can waste more on unproductive drugs or anti-american nike gear or similar..

meanwhile.. gop normal plan is to get the 1% more money so they can buy productive capital in companies with their jobs in china or mexico.. so 1% get super rich and chinese or mexicans get better off

as trump has aligned with republicans.. his idea is to modify gop plan of giving more money to investors.. and put tariffs on other countries like china.. so it makes more sense for 1% to invest in companies that locate production jobs in usa.. which will pay more for people with gender studies degrees than delivering pizza etc.. while also 1% investors will accumulate great wealth for usa.. [this would be easier task if tumbleweed's heroes didn't steal papers off desk and so forth.. also in near term it will lead to increased government revenue making deficits smaller]

"Again economic experts.."

this is like talking about "astrology experts".. or all the iraq war architect "foreign policy experts" at mccain funeral

Tue Sep 11 08:33:43
Mr. Werewolf Dictator,

We notice your fluff and the lack of addressing sources that support our views and decimates your arguments. It is oksana because we do account for your disability of being a Trumpicantard. So your failure of understanding economics based on you perspective of Trump.
Tue Sep 11 08:39:11
Lulz@rugian's multi
werewolf dictator
Tue Sep 11 08:58:26
"some of his strategies.. increase defense spending to boost growth"

"WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s the biggest budget the Pentagon has ever seen: $700 billion.. Trump had requested a 2018 military budget of $603 billion [vs $585b obama suggestion] for basic functions and $65 billion for war missions [total $668b]... The deal Congress approved early Friday also sets the Pentagon’s 2019 budget at $716 billion, giving Mattis the financial stability he’s been demanding."

this congressional demand [for much more spending than trump wanted] passed in senate 89-8 in 2017

when it was time to vote for $716b in 2019 it passes senate 85-10
werewolf dictator
Tue Sep 11 09:20:47
"trump clearly wants to be dictator"

this is what people said about obama when he starts and continues war in libya with no regard for constitution and war powers act.. or when he assassinates american citizens without due process.. or even when bob woodward accuses white house of threatening him [although democrats in 2013 was saying woodward was some kind of moron who got most facts and contexts wrong]

but if resistance really sees it clear that trump has desire to become dictator.. then why do pelosi and hoyer and schiff and wasserman-schulz [for starters] vote to give him *warrantless* surveillance powers [and them voting against change to bill shows they explicitly wanted trump's legal spying powers to be *warrantless*]

what a bunch of insincere posturing for masses
werewolf dictator
Tue Sep 11 09:33:31
the adl reports antisemitic assaults dropped 47% in 2017.. this is the most serious of their three categories and thus most likely to be reported in any circumstances

meanwhile near beginning of year.. press and democrats frequently accused trump of holding responsibility for much publicized wave of like 163 bomb threats.. jewish kid in israel was responsible for over 150.. anti-trump communist journalist juan thompson was responsible for another 8..

with every one absurdly accusing trump of being nazi and blaming wrong people for much publicized wave of bomb threats.. it naturally puts jews in fear and causes them to increase report-rate on lesser incidents
Tue Sep 11 10:44:51
Lulz way to shift focus because werewolf dicktaster's bullshit was pointed out
Wed Sep 12 05:33:32
Mr. Werewolf Dictator,

Just like how Trump lies, or omits details or facts, you are doing the same as him.

A couple of things; It is clearly evident that you are deflecting and introducing another variable to emphasize a point that has now bearing. Once again, we users of the handle FoxNEWS cannot help but notice that you once again avoiding reading any of the content and sources provided by us that supports our arguments. Yet from your end you dissect and pick line or two and intro an anecdote and act like it completely counters the point that we made.

Fact: it does not.

Next, your quote regarding the budge, which again, we cannot help but notice you refuse to cite your sources, which is understandable because you are hiding the full quote and what it relates to. But we know where you got it anyways.

What you highlighted and wanted to address as it was something to discount what we presented does not hold water. Here is why: the point you reference is not incorrect. In fact it is a strategy by Trump to increase the spending which he did. That was the idea of him to promote growth. Attached to it was the increase, which is/was by fact more than he requested. But it doesn't negate the statement that his strategy was to increase it, which he did versus was recommended by the previous administration.

Yes, facts are fun, it is even more fun when you dishonestly try to present it and pawn it of that he wasn't directly responsible for the strategy in the first place, which inherently proves out initial point that it was a strategy he believes to use to promote growth.

We do appreciate your feedback, but also can see how completely out of touch, just like your Dictator Trump.


the wanderer
Wed Sep 12 13:45:00
budget deficit

2009 - $1,413 billion
2016 - $585 billion

2017 - $665 billion
2018 (partial, 11 months) - $895 billion

way to turn it around, Trump!
Wed Sep 12 13:55:18
Putin Fluffer werewolf dicktaster will say Obama forced trump to do that.
werewolf dictator
Wed Sep 12 14:34:47
"debt to gdp" is superior metric

last 6 q of obama.. gdp grew at ~1.62%
first 6 q of trump.. gdp growing at ~3.15%

among *many* advantages of higher gdp is effect of reducing debt to gdp ratio
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